Bag of Randomness for the First Monday of 2022


  • As you know, 2021 was a very rough year for me. I rang in the new year by opening the backdoor at midnight to let out 2021 and to welcome in 2022 with an open mind.
  • This was the first Christmas we experienced as a divorced family. I didn’t have the kids from the day of my surgery, Dec 17, until Dec 28. I had “my Christmas” with them on the night of the 28th. It was weird for all of us, even though we tried to make the best of it.
  • The word I’m going to focus on for the year, I guess you can say my mantra, is “yield.” I’m not in control of most things or the actions or responses of others. Like the Beatles said, “Let it be.” I’m also going to adopt the MJ from Spider-Man NWH philosophy, “If you expect disappointment, then you can never really be disappointed.” For instance, I thought my ex would allow our children to visit me at least one time during my recovery from major surgery to at least put their minds at ease. I have no control over that. I just had to expect the worst and let it be. Easier said than done. I can’t figure out any other way to deal with this new normal I didn’t seek nor ask for.
  • Before I found out about my then wife’s emotional acts of infidelity and fell into depression, I used to weigh around 250-pounds, though at my heaviest I stopped weighing myself after I hit 265. Saturday was the first I weighed myself post surgery. All of my weight over the past 14-months have been unplanned.
  • My recovery is going well but I think I need to take it easy. DaughterGeeding is trying out for her school’s softball team and I’ve been underhand tossing softball sized wiffle balls at her in the backyard. As a matter of fact, we did it at midnight in the backyard one night with nothing but the porch light aiding us. I do get winded easily and had to be careful of a few line drives.
  • In case you want to see how my throat incision is healing. The purple surgical ink is still there. My follow-up is on Tuesday.
  • I’d like to see the player-coach role come back, but I guess there are contract legalities preventing that from ever happening. The two modern-day players I think fit that role would be Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for the First Monday of 2022

  1. Ricardo Perry says:

    I’m just glad you are vertical.

    Stronger everyday.

  2. AndreaJN says:

    I’m SUPER happy your recovery is going so well! Don’t over do it. That is an amazing weight loss! I’m sure that will help your recovery and ability to do things with the kids. You are really doing a great job!

    I can’t imagine the hardships you’ve been through last year. Hoping and praying for better times! Just keep swimming and get help for the emotional/mental struggles. Just like you needed a doctor for the ACDF, you can get help for other sides of your wellbeing too. Just my two cents 🙂

  3. craig moore says:

    Very glad your recovery is going well! Your videos show awesome improvement in motor skills and balance!

    This season your going through will continue towards more positive days- it will not seem like it at times tho. Ive been there- it co-exists and the Kiddos are most important. How you handle this will give them strength and your well on your way.

    Your in our prayers brother.



  4. Anonymous says:

    you got this
    stay healthy ……………….

  5. Anonymous says:

    plan for the worst
    hope for the best
    self is your only control
    adapt and overcome
    stay alert
    stay alive
    intestinal fortitude
    the path is never straight
    the only path is forward
    life is a one time offer
    tomorrow is not scheduled
    a sincere offer of my bumper sticker-ish mantras
    stay well,
    a rooting fan

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