First Day After Surgery

Despite a rough night in the hospital, I’m feeling much better. The physical therapist used the video of me walking and throwing the football as a baseline for tests this morning. I could walk unassisted with only a slight limp and have regained a lot of my balance and coordination. A lot of my fine motor skills have returned, though I’m still is experiencing some numbness in my extremities. My bandage is itchy and neck is sore, even with a lot of pain medication, but my overall condition has improved. I’m still on a clear liquid diet but crave a chicken-fried steak at the moment. My throat is sore, but not scratchy, and eager to have my catheter removed. Because of COVID protocols, my children could not visit, but thanks to modern technology, I had a video session with them. Discharge may happen after 2:00 PM and I’ll remain on a soft food diet for a few days. Emotionally, I’m doing okay, but miss the support of my family and former spouse.

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8 Responses to First Day After Surgery

  1. Mike Jones says:

    Glad that you came through surgery and appear to be showing improvement. Praying for you to heal and recover.

  2. Lawrence P Bertsch says:

    Wonderful news! Thanks for the update.

  3. AndreaJN says:

    That sounds like great news!! It’s normal to have a small set back during recovery, don’t be bummed out if that happens. Focus on your health (physical, mental, and spiritual). Praying for all y’all!

  4. Andy B says:

    Glad the surgery went well, Keith. Get well soon!

  5. Brian Tyrone says:

    Awesome news Keith. The valleys are tempoary. You are on the way up. Godspeed.

  6. Darren says:

    Speedy recovery to you Keith! Glad to see you back…I’ve missed my BON

  7. David R Hooper says:

    Good news! Wishing you a quick rehab and speedy recovery.

  8. Art Lynch says:

    Keith, I’ve been through the surgery you underwent, twice. I would advise you to take recovery seriously and do what your medical professionals ask you to do. You have shown through your videos that you have made a remarkable recovery, but take it slow. Been reading you for a really long time and hope your life gets better. Always enjoyed reading your missives no matter what direction they took. Found you from the Liberally Lean Barry Green. Good reading and good luck on your recovery. Long time reader, first time responding. Take care!

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