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People mention reoccurring dreams all the time, but you don’t hear people say they have reoccurring day dreams. Well, I’m one of those folks, and one reoccurring day dream I have is what it would be like to be a kid or teen again but with my current consciousness and knowledge and experience. I imagine how much less stressed I’d be about the unknown future and the confidence I’d have interacting with people and doing things. I’d also be able to take any feedback or criticism in stride and not let every negative thing make me question everything. I hope I wouldn’t make the same stupid choices with more knowledge and experience and I hope I’d be able to not really care what others think of me. My relationship with my parents and sibling would certainly be a lot better. Biff Tannen wise, I’d buy up a lot of domain names. For sure I’d take better care of my back.

Yes, it’s a week or so old, but I find this astonishing. I rarely complain about the Texas heat because I’ve learned to accept it’s just part of my life I have no control over. But hitting 100 degrees before a quarter after 8:00 AM is crazy.

Twitter mic drop.

Australian news – School asked boys to use rating system on girls, female students taught to keep virginity

The science of soap. We sample the fluids coming out of a car wash sprayer and look at how it sticks or doesn’t stick to your car. Is it there to clean or is it there to protect? Today on B2B, we’re going to run a couple experiments to find out the truth for you.

In case you ever wondered why you had to turn your old CRT television to channel 3 to play video games or use the VCR, here’s an insightful answer I found on Reddit.

Channels on old CRTVs that had TV tuners are basically different frequencies that you tune your TV to, like how you turn your radio to a specific frequency to pick up a channel you wanted to listen to.

Back in that day we had no way of transmitting the image and sound from the game console or VCR directly to the TV like we do today with S-video, component, HDMI, Display port, etc. So the simple solution was to turn the image and sound into radio waves frequencies and transmit it to the TV like a TV station. To comply with Federal regulations this TV signal from the console would have to be very weak so that it wouldn’t interfere with any other signal. This means that the console could only transmit the signal a few millimeters to centimeters. To get around this limitation they used coaxial cable to carry the signal but you still had to tune the TV into the frequency the console/VCR was transmitting at.

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