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I remember my elementary school playground having a tall metal slide that was as shiny as a mirror. I can also remember the one time I slid on it on a hot summer day. Ouch.

In case you ever wondered why we call that piece of furniture an ottoman, they were first introduced into Europe from Turkey in the late 18th century, the heart of the Ottoman Empire. So, hence the name.

If you buy a bigger bed for your bedroom, you will have a bigger bed room but you will lose space in your bedroom.

There ain’t no way you gonna find me swimming in that pool.

The Mystery of the $113 Million DeliIt made headlines around the world: a New Jersey sandwich shop with a soaring stock price. Was it just speculation, or something stranger?

NASA will send two missions to Venus for the first time in over 30 years

I was always impressed with how the Russians were the first to visit Venus and send the world back pictures from the surface of another planet in Hell-like conditions.

Wikipedia – The Venera program established a number of precedents in space exploration, among them being the first human-made devices to enter the atmosphere of another planet (Venera 3 on 1 March 1966), the first to make a soft landing on another planet (Venera 7 on 15 December 1970), the first to return images from another planet’s surface (Venera 9 on 8 June 1975), and the first to perform high-resolution radar mapping scans (Venera 15 on 2 June 1983).

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  1. RPM says:

    That’s a big fat nope on that pool.

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