Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 20, 2019

  • While watching I Am Patrick Swayze it dawned upon me that the modern-day version of him is Hugh Jackman. They both could pull off playing the super tough guy and sweet charming gentleman, very versatile souls.
      • Dalton in Road House –  Wolverine in all the X-Men movies. Both characters had “interesting” hair.
      • Swayze was in North and South, which was about a divided nation. Jackman was in Les Misérables, which was about a divided nation.
      • Swayze sang the hit She’s Like The Wind which was on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.  Jackman is touring the U.S. and Australia in a self-titled show in which he sings and dances, performing acts from The Greatest Showman,
        Les Misérables, The Boy From Oz, and others.
      • And, I’m sure there’s a lot of other stuff. Both look great shirtless. Hey, I’m just sayin’.
  • Don Swayze, younger brother of the late Patrick, has played the voice of Patrick Swayze in two episodes of The Family Guy.
  • Life has its ups and downs. There are times when your actually living, and then there are times you are feeling like you are doing nothing but surviving. It’s all relative, I suppose.
  • There’s been a repot of a boy at our kids’ school who likes to move his desk and then chew on it.
  • When the Philidelphia standoff happened not too long ago, I thought about the time the Dallas PD used a robot vehical to blow up the shooter. I’m sure in the near future we’ll see a similar situation in which the police will blow off the door of a building and then send in a small drone to “subdue” the suspect in some way.
  • Spam jumps on the Pumpkin Spice train, announcing autumnal-flavored canned meat
  • I bet my dentist is the that one outlier in those “four out of five dentists recommends” such and such. I just know it.
  • When SNL starts back up and if Kamala Harris is in the news, I can totally see Maya Rudolph playing her.
  • Pearland Independent School District – Texas school officials sued for allegedly coloring in black student’s fade with permanent marker
  • I wonder if anyone has created a deep fake video to get him or herself out of trouble, like editing security footage to show he or she was at a certain place at a certain time as an alibi.
  • Tesla launches a rental plan to help its slumping home solar panel businessStarting at $50 per month with a $1,500 removal fee
  • One heck of a whiplash
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 20, 2019

  1. Ben W. says:

    Another Swayze/Jackman comparison? Cancer. Obviously Swayze’s pancreatic cancer is much worse, but Jackman has had to have basal cell carinomas removed from his face 6 times.

  2. Jim Bob from Muleshoe says:

    Your note on here about listening to the musers on the ticket while driving kids to school made the radio in a letter to the musers segment…….they got a chuckle out of “if you heard birthday’s come on…. you were are late”……….Gordo said it was the same for them (since he likes to talk and has to be reminded to get to birthdays, to stay on time)

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