Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 13, 2019

  • I think I post this picture every year, it makes me laugh. The mom is cute and bald men can relate to the dad. But truth be told, the first day of school bums be out as a parent, I’m left wondering if I made the most of the summer for the kids as I should have. Most likely, it was a great summer in their eyes, but I always want to make it better for the whole family.
  • Yup, it’s the first day of school for my wife and kids. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m bummed that I will no longer be dropping the kids off at school. Last night, DaughterGeeding mentioned something about it. “Dad, I’m going to miss you taking us to school. I’m going to miss the smell of coffee in the car and listening to The TICKET, like when Muse in the News comes on. We always knew we were running late when they got to birthdays.”
  • The Government Taste Testers Who Reshaped America’s Diet In the 1930s, a forgotten federal bureau experimented with ways to make soy and other products more popular in the U.S.
  • Nike rolls out a subscription service for kids’ sneakers
    • Parents will have the option to order shoes for sizes 4C to 7Y (for kids aged roughly two to 10) on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis, costing $50, $30 or $20 per month respectively. Kids’ sneakers typically retail for $60, so monthly subscribers will save about $10 a pair. You can alter the frequency of deliveries or pause your plan as you see fit.
    • Even though I don’t plan on subscribing, this service sounds pretty reasonable.
  • Silent Book Clubs Offer Introverts A Space To Socialize
    • The concept is simple yet revolutionary: Members meet up at a bar, a library, a bookstore or any venue that will host them. Once the bell rings, silent reading time commences. After an hour, the bell rings again. Other than that, there are no rules.
    • There’s even a Dallas chapter.
    • I’ve never been part of a book club.
  • Egads! – A man’s false teeth got stuck in his throat during a surgery. It was eight days before anyone noticed.
  • If you get a kick out of the Florida Man meme and know your Bible, this Reddit thread may provide you some humor – If written like a news report, what stories from the bible were done by Florida man?
    • Here are some of the top suggestions:
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 13, 2019

  1. Bryan B. says:

    I’m the husband of a teacher and father of an 8 year old and I feel your pain on the start of school. I get a little bummed myself. There’s an excitement about the first of school and I feel a little left out of it to some degree. I always have my own fun with it. A couple of years ago, my kid asked asked, “why doesn’t daddy get summer off with us?” and I replied, “Because I have a real job where I have to work longer than 8 to 3 everyday and I don’t get 3 months off every summer.” That got me a look from my wife. Especially since she doesn’t really take off. She tutors at least 3 days a week and conducts multiple camps.

  2. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    And Macy’s is starting a subscription service for clothing (and a re-sale operation too). Something seems wrong when we have arrived at a place as society where it may be to our advantage to rent clothes, not buy them. Just doesn’t seem right.
    Cars – yea. Clothes – nope.

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