Bag of Randomness for Thursday, August 8, 2019

  • Yesterday was a “big” day for the students and parents of our school. Emails were sent out revealing who got what teacher. A class roster isn’t revealed and email addresses of other parents aren’t displayed, it’s basically just a friendly greeting from the teacher. You know when the emails go out because the kids will start calling one another to find out who is in what class, and from my perspective, it’s funny hearing the cheers and jeers. However, I can’t recall how this was done when I was in elementary school. I know for sure we didn’t receive a phone call, and I’m pretty certain nothing was mailed. I think we just showed up the first day of school, our parents searched for our name on a bulletin board, and then escorted us to the classroom.
  • Whataburger recently honored a woman (unlimited Whataburger for a year, and $1,000 donated to the charity of her choice) who used her jet ski to save children and adults from a burning boat. However, the Whataburger spokesperson caught my attention, he’s like the Boris Johnson of Whataburger.
  • But, is it organic? – Chernobyl vodka: First consumer product made in exclusion zone
  • It was born in Brooklyn in 1879 – Who Invented the Cardboard Box?
  • Gizmodo – How to Find Spyware Your Employer Installed on Your Computer and What to Do About It
  • National Geographic – Our favorite candid photographs of wild animals—taken via camera trapCamera trap technology has given scientists an unparalleled look into the secret lives of wildlife.
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