Bag of Randomness for Thursday, August 1, 2019

  • I don’t think this still images adequately captures Morgan Freeman’s facial expression during this scene as the camera pans. I always thought it was a remarkable bit of acting without a bit of dialog.
  • Someone did the math and put together this Shawshank Redemption infograph
    • 1/64th of an inch every day for 16.9 years.
  • I get emotionally invested in movies and television. WifeGeeding gets emotionally invested in gameshows the likes no one have ever seen.
  • YouTube – Tattoo Artists Guess The Prices of Tattoos
  • I saw someone on Twitter suggest Scott Bakula play the part of Jeffrey Epstein in a movie. That’s a good casting choice, but I feel kinda bad for Bakula if he was offered it.
  • Your Doctor Is Instagram Famous. Do Likes Matter in the Exam Room?How social media is changing relationships with health care providers
  • National Geographic – See a different endangered animal in every U.S. stateThis interactive map highlights lesser-known endangered species across America.
    • Here’s the animal for Texas:
  • – FiscalNotes: The Economics of Texas BBQ
  • The largest Presbyterian denomination in the US has ordained a minister of gun violence prevention
    • This is actually a bit of local news as the minister’s church is in Dallas, and the minister is a she. I’m not trying to make light of gun violence or start a theological debate about a woman’s role in the church. However, I’m slightly entertained by the thought of how some of my friends who are deeply ingrained in the Southern Baptist Church and are passionate Second Amendment supporters are going to react.
    • When I looked up the church, I thought the first photo Google associated with it was interesting.
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  1. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    I still think one of my all-time favorite scenes is when Andy Dufresne locks the prison door and plays the classical music over the public address system. Very soul stirring.

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