Bag of Randomness for Thursday, July 11, 2019

    • I caught another special on the moon landing. The son of the Soviet premier was interviewed and was asked where he was during the event. He said, “Of all places, at a river in Chernobyl.” As for news coverage, he said there was a small article on the first page of Pravda and then three columns on page five. Here’s another interview with him in which he goes into slightly more detail.
    • It doesn’t matter what CBS11’s Erin Jones is covering, I’m watching.
    • Oh, hello doldrums, welcome back.
    • I’m not sure why I don’t watch Songland on NBC, it seems like something I’d like – how a song comes to be from inspiration and formed into lyrics accompanied by instruments by collaboration. Also, I attended high school with one of the hosts and I’m really proud and happy for him.
    • I often hear pastors speak about the importance of having a child dedicate his or her life to Jesus before the age of fourteen, that statistically speaking, the likelihood of them being involved in the church after that age drops dramatically. There’s little doubt in my mind that stat is true. I understand their concern and get what they are saying, but the way the message has often come across (at least to me) is that the church has to reach children and youth when they are at their most vulnerable, least suspecting, and that the ability to reason, challenge, and question is a bad thing. I don’t think there’s a way I could word or phrase that in a manner that wouldn’t stir a hornet’s nest and offend. And, I tried like heck to write that last sentence without using two negatives. I know there are times it’s acceptable to have a double negative in a sentence, but I try to avoid it if possible.
    • You’re having a bad day if a cactus goes through your windshield. I mean, you might be lucky you’re still alive, but it’s gotta be a bad day.
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