Bag of Randomness for Monday, July 8, 2019

  • If you are eating breakfast and/or the sensitive type, you may want to skip to the next bullet point. WifeGeeding and the kids have been in East Texas for the past few days. I’ve been driving our Nissan Leaf around town but noticed it smelled, which really bugged me. I searched in both the front and back seats but couldn’t find anything noticeable, but did spray some Febreeze. The next day I the noticeable stench was stronger, so I took I washed the car and vacuumed the seats, removing floor mats and everything. Later that day I took the dogs to the dog park and they both threw up, but thankfully it was only on the kids’ car seats and the cleanup was as simple as hosing them off and putting the fabric in the washing machine. The following day I went grocery shopping and when I got home, it dawned on me that I never checked that trunk area of the hatchback. Sure enough, I found the source. It appeared to be an old cantaloupe which may have been in there for weeks. It was still in a plastic grocery sack. With a deep breath and an outstretched hand I carefully picked the bag up and could tell the whole thing was gelatinous as slowly it lost its form. Unfortunately, there was a small tear in the back and as I removed it from the car the liquid contents dripped from the car to the outside trash can. The items which were dripped on were tossed, I wasn’t even going to try to salvage them and did my best to remove and extract the odor as best as humanly possible. Now I fear this will become like the Seinfeld “The Smelly Car” episode.
  • I bought a new desk and the table top was nicely packaged in a huge single piece of styrofoam. BoyGeeding thought it looked like the carbonite Han Solo was frozen in. Also, that thing produced the largest amount of static electricity I ever experienced. As I moved my hand close to it the hair on my arms stood straight up and as I got close the pain was so intense I couldn’t bring myself to touch it.
  • Speaking of my new desk made by Realspace, I could be happier with the assembly instructions, they should be applauded. I can’t speak for the quality of the product as I haven’t even used it for a day, but those instructions and the packaging were impressive. Every part was labeled with a sticker for the corresponding step. For the smaller parts, all the contents were inside a sealed plastic bag, and inside that bag were smaller sealed bags labeled with each corresponding substep in the instruction manual. On top of that, they included a bag labeled “Extra Hardware” in case you stripped a screw or something.
  • On Saturday I went to the movie theater to watch Spider-Man: Far From Home with a few friends. At the very climax of the movie, the part I’m assuming the title character defeats Mysterio, the power goes out in the building due to some thunderstorms. The only lights which stayed on were from the exit signs and the projector room, which surprised me, I thought some small backup battery powered lights would also come on. The staff were very friendly and informative and checked in on us often. However, after about 25-minutes, they said because of the trouble they are having with rebooting the projector, we can either take a raincheck or walk across the hall to showing in progress which was only about a half hour into the movie. We had to take the raincheck. I’m assuming we were at the very climax of the movie because a few times the audio started up and (possible spoiler) Spidey and Mysterio were talking about the glasses. When I got home I found a summary of the movie and a few video clips of the two post0-credit scenes.
  • This happened back on July 1st – A Bird Strike Caused an Air Force Plane to Accidentally Drop Three Training Bombs on Florida
  • As far as the top picture goes, the best I could find was that his name was Petre Mshvenieradze who was a Soviet water polo player of Georgian descent.
  • Apologies for the vulgarity in this tweet, but the video is pretty sweet for those of you who know someone with a prosthetic eye.
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    buy and open a bag of charcoal. leave for a few days. this will remove smell

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