Bag of Randomness for Friday, July 19, 2019

  • I notice odd little stuff. We ate at McDonald’s recently and noticed the plastic drink lid has changed, and I’m pretty certain this is the first lid change in decades. A little research led me to LidWorks, the company which manufactures their lids. Browsing their website was more interesting than I would have thought, as they make different lids for paper and foam cups, hot and cold drinks, reclosable drink lids, domed lids (think ICEEs and Slupries), branded lids, and detail the concept to market process. Apparently, the new trend in the plastic lid business is strawless lid solutions, Starbucks appears to be the trendsetter. All of this info is probably making me sound like Jay Pritchett rambling about closets.
  • Yesterday’s Jeopardy ended in a tie. I’ve only seen a tie one other time. In case you are wondering, if there is a tie after Final Jeopardy, Trebek will inform the contestants the subject of the next “answer” and the first one with the correct response wins. This tie was well set up. The champion had exactly twice as much money as one of the contestants. The champion answered Final Jeopardy incorrectly but wagered zero dollars. And as you probably guessed, the other contestant wagered everything and doubled his amount to tie the champion with his correct response.
  • Mattel Is Bringing Back the Original Vintage He-Man Figures
  • Hasbro has decided to combine the Transformers and Ghostbusters universe, here’s Optimus Prime clad in Ecto-1 coloring.
  • Toys ‘R’ Us returns with ‘STEAM’ workshops and smaller stores
  • I’m looking forward to this:
  • And in another bit of Eighties nostalgia:

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