Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, May 1, 2019

  • First World Problem I experienced yesterday – ordered a Coke with my to-go meal and when I got home I discovered it was a Diet Coke. I detest diet drinks, they leave a weird aftertaste.
  • I think it’s absolutely amazing photographs exists of veterans who have fought in the Revolutionary War. I got wind of this from an old tweet from historian Micheal Beschloss about Captain George Fishley, one of longest surviving American veterans of the Revolutionary War who posed for this photo in uniform shortly before death in 1850.
  • Here are more pics of other veterans of the Revolutionary War. I thought the mini-biography of Jonathan Smith was quite interesting – After the war he became a Baptist minister. He was married three times and had eleven children.
  • GIF – I had no idea you could sew with a Swiss Army knife
  • MIT ‘hackers’ turn Great Dome into Captain America’s shield

    • The dome wasn’t painted, it’s was a huge piece of fabric. This does remind me of a tradition in my hometown of Mineral Wells. Believe it or not, our high school had a dome roof over the basketball court (The Ram Dome, and yes, the ram was our mascot) and seniors (12-graders, not the elderly) would sometimes paint it with the year in which they were graduating. I was able to find a few old pics. I never said it was a nice dome, nor did I state the seniors did a decent job of painting.
  • Jalopnik – Enough with the ‘Actually, Electric Cars Pollute More’ Bullshit Already
  • Tom & Jerry interpolated to 60fps
  • Random thought – What if HBO released the finale of Game of Thrones in theaters?
  • Game of Thrones cinematographer: it’s not me, it’s your TV settings – You’re the problem, and also maybe HBO’s bitrate
    • After all, Wagner says the show was directed and shot like a cinematic experience that could be viewed in a movie theater, even though it’s predominantly streamed at compressed quality to screens of all shapes and sizes.
  • The Battle Of Winterfell: A Tactical Analysis
    • This specific part makes me want to research Soviet battle techniques as I’m not familiar with this bit of history. The closest thing I could find was this scene from a movie about Soviets attacking German trenches. Battle of Moscow, maybe?
      • On the Night King’s signal, the undead breach the fire-trench the Soviet way: with their bodies. Only upon initiation of a successful breach do the defenders attempt to suppress the force. By then it is too late, and the assault force strikes the walls.
      • Wagner himself also said HBO’s compression of the episode, to help smooth over the streaming process for millions of viewers with varying connection speeds, is another contributor.
  • Old, but new to me (I think), and better than I expected – A Song of Vanilla Ice and Fire
  • I need to read up on my history, I never knew Nixon’s Attorney General (or any AG in our nation’s history), the head of the Department of Justice, the nation’s top law enforcement officer, was jailed. He served 19-months in prison. He died in 1988 and was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery, based on his World War II Naval service and his cabinet post of Attorney General. I wonder if that ruffled any feathers with veterans, and I freely admit, I don’t know when any veteran or former cabinet official loses the right to a burial with full military honors.

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  1. Harry Hood says:

    Going back in time to March today? I thought I had loaded an old cached page til I saw your time stamp.

    • Geeding says:

      Nice catch, I must have been thinking about the new Avengers movie and all the time traveling and confused my “M” months- March/May. I shall fix it post haste.

  2. RICK MILLER says:

    I graduated from MW in 85 and may or may not have been on the dome at the time of the painting…..

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