Bag of Randomness for Monday, May 20, 2019

  • BoyGeeding sprayed air freshener into his belly button because he thought it stunk.
  • I was so very proud of the citizens of Fort Worth and the rest of North Texas for how they responded when the Amber Alert for that girl went out on Saturday evening. Social media was abuzz and it felt like everyone was genuinely engaged trying to find that abducted eight-year-old girl. It’s the stuff of nightmares, all a mother was doing was walking with her daughter down the street and a stranger drives by and takes her child and she holds on to the car for dear life. Thankfully a doorbell camera caught a glimpse of the car and some proactive citizens contacted police.
  • Parkland students dedicate page in yearbook to therapy dogs for shooting survivors
  • I ordered something off of Amazon Prime recently. On the day it was supposed to arrive, I got an apology email from Amazon informing me the package would be late. I wasn’t upset, actually, really happy that they set an expectation for the customer. The next day I received another apology email stating the package arrived at a local shipping facility but was damaged, the items would be returned to sender, and I would be issued a full refund and would have to reorder my products if I still wanted them. The following day I received an email stating my package would be delivered later in the day, which it was, not damaged, and they stated I could keep the refund, which was something a tad over fifty bucks. I felt like Charlie Sheen about a decade ago, #Winning.
  • For well over a decade, I wondered why everyone had to replace their proof of automobile insurance on May 19 and November 19 of each year. Then, one day, it hit me, as if I was a cartoon character and a light bulb appeared above my head an lit up and was thankful I never brought this up with anyone else. It wasn’t that way for everyone, those dates simply correspond to when I first got my own coverage.
  • Sting has seven grandchildren.
  • The Human Antivenom Project
    • Since 2000, Tim Friede, a truck mechanic from Wisconsin, has endured some 200 snakebites and 700 injections of lethal snake venom—all part of a masochistic quest to immunize his body and offer his blood to scientists seeking a universal antivenom. For nearly two decades, few took him seriously. Then a gifted young immunologist stumbled upon Friede on YouTube—and became convinced that he was the key to conquering snakebites forever.
  • ‘Game of Thrones’ finale thoughts –
    • The finale was wrapped a bit too nicely, even the bow was too pretty. It wasn’t as emotional as I thought it would be. Honestly, the series finale of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and the season finale of ‘Young Sheldon’ was more emotional and surprising.
    • With both the books and series being so epic, I thought the finale should have left a few more loose ends open. Not for spinoffs, but to give the audience wanting more and leave them to speculate about the future. Really, the only loose end was “Where in the world is Drogon?”
    • Thank God, Ghost got some love and recognition. It’s the most justice I’ve ever seen in the show.
    • Sansa has annoyed me for the last two seasons and I was hoping she’d somehow die.
    • As I say with most finales, it’s not about how it all wraps up, it’s the journey it takes you on. I feel all the time I invested in the show and trying to connect things on various Wiki pages and related articles were well worth it. It was a fun and often emotional ride, allowed me to escape my world and reality for a while, gave me many surprises, and stretched my imagination.
  • Treat your Monday like this duck treated this tiger.
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  1. Jason A says:

    Reading this a day late but wanted to comment…

    You freaked me out a bit with the insurance bullet point. Our renewal dates are very close to yours (5/23 and 11/23); so as I began reading your post, I thought, “Holy cow! I didn’t know May and November dates applied to everyone!” But alas, they don’t. Ha! I briefly had the opposite experience you had.

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