Bag of Randomness for Friday, May 31, 2019

  • Nine years ago today I became a parent. Well, I suppose WifeGeeding did as well.
  • Yesterday DaughterGeeding stopped by my office (I work at home) and I asked her what she’s been up to. She excitedly told me she was practicing pole dancer and she was confused as to why I had such a puzzled look on my face. Immediately I thought I failed as a father. A top goal for any father is to “keep your daughter off the pole.” She found a really sturdy cardboard tube about five feet long and was using it to some sort of innocent pole-vaulting dance routine.
  • I forgot how much B. A. Baracus feared getting into an airplane or helicopter and how the rest of the A-Team had to either knock him out or drug him to get him on a flight.
  • The Musers interviewed 22-year-old motorsports team owner George Michael Steinbrenner IV, the grandson of famed Yankee owner George Michael Steinbrenner III. The name skipped a generation with Henry George “Hank” Steinbrenner III. I suppose you can name anyone anything you want, but I didn’t know you could skip a generation with post-nominals formalities or whatever they are called. I feel like they are cheating the system.
  • For any son named after his father, I wonder if they ever felt the need to make their signature look the same as their namesake. My father’s first name is my middle name. As a kid, I used to try to sign my middle and last name exactly as he did.
  • Earlier this week, I watched the pilot episode of ‘Green Acres’ with the kids and the very next morning, The Musers talked about the show and wondered if it would hold up. I identified with the show because it was about an older white man married to a woman from another country with a thick accent. The pilot episode was done in a new or documentary typestyle. Here’s a little bit of ‘Green Acres’ trivia for ya, lead character Oliver Wendall Douglas was named after Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. Douglas’ father named him after the justice because he decided at birth his son should have a career in law.
  • A close-up look at Star Wars Land’s life-size, hyper-detailed Millennium Falcon
  • Readers Still Prefer Physical BooksResults from a new survey regarding reading habits are out and consumer preference still lies with physical books
    • I bought the Kindle version of the new Scott Pelley book. I think e-ink is easier on the eyes and I like the ability to highlight a word with my finger and get an immediate definition or Wikipedia entry. However, I do miss being able to look at my bookmark and see how much more I have to go. I know the Kindle provides that feature, but there’s something special about looking at the physical pages and flipping through them which feels more real or authentic.
  •  I don’t have a backstory on this video but I think it’s pure greatness.
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