Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 1, 1019

  • It’s April Fools’ Day. It used to be fun a handful of years ago when businesses starting to get into the act for the first time, but now that almost all of them do it, it’s become a bit prosaic.
  • BoN used to participate in April Fools’ Day. Two jokes I’ve tried to pull was writing a post which stated I was retiring the blog and I once redirected any visitor to BoN straight to
  • This is not a joke. A loyal reader sent me this article and I immediately signed up as a donor. I thought about it for one second and thought, how could I not?  It’s one of the few things I’m uniquely qualified for.
  • I bet college basketball coaches have closer relationships with their players than college football coaches. In basketball, the squad is much smaller and because there are more games, they spend a lot of time together on road trips.
  • On Friday night we watched Alien as a family. I didn’t intend for everyone to watch it, I started it and it just happened to capture everyone’s attention and WifeGeeding allowed the kids to stay up past their bedtime.
  • This needs to be updated, but I like it better than the traditional brackets.
  • This is neat.
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One Response to Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 1, 1019

  1. David says:

    Regarding your coaching comment: one thing to remember is that football has many more assistant coaches. So, while you are correct that the head basketball coach is likely closer to his players, the football players likely have a close relationship with an assistant coach. I suspect the football position coach to player ratio is pretty close to the head basketball to player ratio.

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