Bag of Randomness for Monday, February 11, 2019

  • I may have stated this before, but, anytime I hear someone say, “Here we are . . .” I start to sing in my head, ” . . . face to face, a couple of Silver Spoons.
  • WifeGeeding has a friend who recently gave birth to twins, one vaginally and one by cesarean. Recovery for just one type of delivery is hard enough. Heck, mothering just one child after birth is hard enough.
  • I was surprised to see professional football on CBS Saturday night, and it was actually entertaining. It was one of the inaugural games for the new AAF – Alliance of American Football. This was nowhere on my radar, though I have heard of the XFL making a comeback. For a sport I keep hearing is dangerous and on the decline in terms of participants in youth leagues (at least to ‘HBO Real Sports’), it sure does seem widely popular.
  • This AAF might have a chance at succeeding.
    • It knows its place and doesn’t want to take down the NFL. The league allows its players to accept call-ups to the NFL and vice versa.
    • It beat the XFL to market and will have games not only broadcast after the NFL season on CBS, but games will also be televised on the NFL Network.
    • With the exception of the Salt Lake City team, all ten teams are located in the southern part of the U.S.
    • Franchises get dibs on players who went to colleges nearby.
    • There are no extra points, teams have to go for two after a touchdown.
    • There are no kickoffs. Teams start possession on their own 25-yard line. Onside kicks are replaced by one fourth-and-12 play on the team’s own 28-yard line.
    • Overtime is similar to the college game except each team gets the ball on the 10-yard line and aren’t allowed to kick field goals.
    • The officiating crew includes a ninth referee who sits in the booth and constantly reviews game action. That ref has the power to make calls or overturn penalties and the audience gets to listen in on the decision making.

  • According to former sports reporter Darren Rovell, the top paid strength coaches in college are:
    1. Chris Doyle, Iowa, $725K
    2. Micky Marotti, Ohio State, $675K
    3. Craig Fitzgerald, Tennessee, $625K
    4. Joey Batson, Clemson, $600K
    5. Scott Cochran, Alabama, $585K
  • Retired Texas Rangers great Micheal Young went on a playful Twitter rant about his dislike for the Kevin Costner flick For Love of the Game. He also let it be known his hotel alias was “Micheal Corleone”.
  • ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ had a segment on loneliness and one man who decided on his own not to speak to another human for 17-years, though he said he had about four slipups during that time. For instance, he stated he bumped into someone at the grocery store and said, “Excuse me.” I remember the late, great Larry Hagman used to do something similar, not speaking a word for one day, either weekly or monthly. The story also stated that those who are most engaged in social media tend to be the most lonely.
    • That person who went 17-years not speaking also had this to say:
      • “I climbed a mountain, and at this bottom of this mountain I was lonely. And on the way up, I found that, ‘No, you’re not lonely. You’re just alone.’ It just turned into solitude. And solitude was something that you craved, you wanted, you looked for.”
        • I used to speak about and encourage solitude to my closest friends. I’d support my reasoning stating that even Superman had a Fortress of Solitude, and despite all his powers, he too needed to get away from it all, unplug, and get to know himself. But then I’d follow that up with scripture – Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.”
  • The Dallas Stars are doing a cool thing which I don’t think gets enough publicity. They had a two-game road trip and the players brought along their mothers so they can experience a bit of what life is like as a professional hockey player. They had a similar event with their fathers before.
  • The upcoming Captain Marvel movie will be released in March and in a great bit of marketing, the film’s website looks like it’s from the Nineties, the time period in which the film takes place.
  • Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota announced her presidential bid to an outdoor crowd in Minneapolis. Here’s a picture of her at the start and end of her speech.
  • This looks mighty peaceful. Just looking at it I can hear the skates scrape the ice and feel the cold wind hit my face with that feeling I’m about to take flight.


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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, February 11, 2019

  1. Ben W. says:

    I watched some of the AAF and enjoyed it, too. I like the 2-pt conversion requirement, and even my non-football-loving wife thought that getting to listen in on the replay review was cool. I thought they had some really interesting camera angles, too, like some SkyCam shots that seemed really close to the action, but things that the NFL won’t allow. I’ll definitely watch it some more, if it’s on and I’m bored. I won’t seek it out, but I don’t do that with the NFL, either.

  2. Jason A says:

    Regarding loneliness and solitude, I’ve long embraced the wisdom in this:

    “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” -Blaise Pascal

  3. RPM says:

    I stumbled on the AAF game and was pleasantly surprised. Didn’t really see anything I didn’t like. Faster gameplay, better replay, less ticky-tack penalties called. The only thing they may need to change are the chinstraps, but dang that was entertaining watching the QB’s helmet fly through the air.

  4. bassmaster says:

    Geeding, thanks so much for the post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

  5. Bryan B. says:

    The Captain Marvel website really nailed it, right down to including a “Guestbook”.

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