Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, January 23, 2019

  • Back in October, WifeGeeding and I watched Netflix’s “Haunting of Hill House”. It was a fun and scary watch, better than we expected, and would recommend it. There’s a bit of a bell curve to the series, peaking in the middle and dropping off slightly for the last two episodes. While watching the first episode, it freaked us out a bit that the date displayed on character’s phone was the same day in which we were watching it, month/date/year. I never took the time to research it, but wonder if it was simply lucking timing on our part or if Netflix manipulated the date on the screen. I know Netflix has been working on making the viewer experience immersive.
  • Armchair Conspiracy Theorist Time – CBS rejects Super Bowl ad touting benefits of medical marijuana
    • “CBS News asked to see the ad but the company didn’t provide it.” Maybe the company never created the commercial or intended for it to ever air knowing CBS and the NFL would shoot down the offer and they would bank on the free publicity from the media coverage of the rejection.
  • When I used to work on a team with members in NYC and Boston, they would often say that us Texans speak so slow. I don’t disagree we speak slower, but I have the unsubstantiated theory that the further west you go in Texas, the slower Texans speak. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. One of my doctors is from far West Texas. He’s highly intelligent, but his ability to deliver a message slowly makes me feel like I’m not being rushed and gives me a chance to better process what’s being told to me.
  • Alphabet (Google) made a quiz to help you detect phishing scams – You can take the quiz here.
  • One thing which really annoys me in any movie or television show is a scene in which an adult needs to speak to a teacher. You know the scene, a teacher is speaking to the class but then an adult in the hallway needs to speak to the teacher. Sometimes the person who needs to speak to the teacher is a detective or some other acquaintance. It bugs me the teacher is always interrupted and has to stop or dismiss class. The detective or whoever never thinks to visit the teacher outside of teaching hours, like right after school. I don’t think any dramatic effect would be sacrificed by making this adjustment.
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