Bag of Randomness for Monday, January 28, 2019

  • DaughterGeeding is going through a small little health issue, nothing concerning, but the eight-year-old did need to have her blood drawn. She was a trooper as the nurse tried twice but couldn’t get a draw, who called in her supervisor who also couldn’t get a draw after two attempts. The supervisor then called in the owners of the pediatric practice, a husband and wife team of doctors. They couldn’t get a draw after several attempts. Despite all those failed attempts, DaughterGeeding didn’t cry or wince once. The problem is despite being well hydrated, she has tiny veins which get even tinier because they constrict. One of the doctors said even though she’s not being emotional or showing physical distress like crying, she internalizes her stress which results in her veins constricting as the needle is struck.
  • I overheard a conversation debating who had a better gait, John Wayne or Robert Mitchum.
  • I’m loving Marershala Ali’s performance in this season of HBO’s ‘True Detective’. I first noticed his work on Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ and recall reading an article on his preparation for a role. He creates a soundtrack for his character and listens to it over and over again. I’d love to know the songs he included in the soundtrack for his ‘True Detective’ character considering his role covers four decades. Stephen Dorff also does a good job with his role, his comedic timing was a surprise.
  • Speaking of the new season of ‘True Detective’, and I don’t think this is a spoiler, but after watching that first episode, I was surprised there wasn’t an ounce of racism implied, especially considering the time and location. However, that quickly changes in the following episodes. If HBO would have dropped the series all at one time, like Netflix, I would have binged them in one day or night easily.
  • The kids were baptized yesterday. After the service, a lifelong member in the church’s denomination kindly asked why we decided to have the kids baptized now rather than as infants. I thought it was an insightful question which made me thankful I spent time in more than one denomination. Some folks feel real strong about infant baptism, others for only those who are in an age of discernment or past the age of innocence. Both feel justified in their beliefs through scriptural interpretation, study, prayer, and conviction. I’m not going to judge one way or another, and I don’t think this church member was being that way, he was genuinely curious. Jovially, I told him as “recovering baptists” old habits die hard, and further explained it wasn’t WifeGeeding and me deciding to have them baptized as it was our kids asking about it and us providing our blessing and support once we had a deeper conversation about it as a family and another with the pastor. It was important for us that they were choosing to be baptized not because it would make anyone happy or think it was a free pass to get in upstairs or that it changes them in some magical way, or that they will now be allowed to partake of communion. We wanted them to do so because they understood it was a sacrament and a symbolic act of their personal faith. I’m sure some of you think this is poor Christian parenting and an odd way to reason things. I’m not going to defend it, but it’s how we honestly approached it. I’ll post a few pics later this week because I selfishly think they looked adorable.
  • This Is What Happens When You Try to Sue Your BossMillions of American workers sign away legal rights without knowing what they’re in for: Arbitration Hell.
  • I love how Wade Phillips is honoring his father on the way to his second Super Bowl. I can’t believe he kept the jacket after all these years.

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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, January 28, 2019

  1. Ben W. says:

    Fun (to me) facts: Bum Phillips played football for the same university where I went to undergrad (Lamar) and later was the head coach of my high school alma mater, Port Neches-Groves. While Bum was coaching at PN-G, Wade was a high schooler and played linebacker. Of course, this was all years before I attended, but still…

  2. Garry says:

    Stephen F Austin also lays claim to Bum as he played here after returning from WWII

  3. Baptisto says:

    I applaud your reasoning on the baptism. I think it’s an area of freedom. Congratulations to the entire family!

  4. RPM says:

    I really, REALLY like what Wade did. I was a big ‘Luv ya Blue’ guy. Thought he got railroaded in Dallas and Jerry is still paying the price. Has there been a Fake Wade to Fake Jerry phone call yet?

    New season of True Detective is good. Both Ali and Dorff are giving great performances, but I think Dorff’s has been overshadowed. Ali is working on another level.

    Wayne’s was definitely a more distinctive gait, but is that a good or bad thing?

  5. Bryan B. says:

    I’m enjoying True Detective as well, but I’ve only watched the first 2 episodes. Ali is spectacular. The scenes taking place in 1980 are filmed spectacularly to capture the ominous, early-Fall look. I skipped season 2 because I didn’t have HBO when it came out. I saw a post on Twitter teasing some kind connection with season 1 in an episode.

  6. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    Also enjoy & support your family approach to baptism. As a Fallen Baptist myself, I am amazed at the number of my brethren in good standing who think it is the golden ticket to heaven and a free pass on future bad acts. When I occasionally call out a “friend” on an egregious act or statement, they almost always respond that they are baptized in the Waters, so it’s no big deal. Their heart is pure, even if their words or actions are harmful. Makes me crazy.

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