Bag of Randomness for Monday, January 14, 2019

  • BoyGeeding needed a new pair of shoes for school. He “demanded” they have laces this time.
  • The pastor of our church (the founding pastor of the church, actually) will be retiring in March. We’ve been searching for a new pastor and the process has been a bit cloak and dagger. The new pastor was introduced to the congregation, someone who was once a member and was enthusiastically welcomed. Before we voted as a congregation to accept him, there was an opportunity to ask him questions. Even though the candidate was familiar to the congregation, he hasn’t set foot in our church in seven years so I was surprised at the lack of substantive and foundational questions asked, stuff I’m used to hearing in my Baptist roots. Stuff like, how did you know God called you into the pastoral ministry and how did you come to know Christ? But then again, I’m a deep thinker.
  • This will be the first time I have a pastor who is younger than me. I better get used to this phase in life. One day I’ll have a boss who is younger than me, as well as a president, maybe even a mother-in-law.
  • Lifeway’s research states the average tenure of a pastor is six years. in 2017, Christianity Today stated 1 in 7 Senior Pastors Is Under 40.
  • How did the Cowboys ever beat the Saints?
  • I couldn’t help but laugh at Zeke Elliott after he made a first down and did his trademark “feed me” routine only to immediately ask to be taken out of the game. Hey Zeke, they can’t feed you the ball if you ask to be taken out of the game.
  • I meant to mention this at the end of the NFL regular season when it was more relevant. Eagles QB Nick Foles fell four snaps short of a $1 million incentive this season, playing just shy of 33% of Philadelphia’s snaps. The Eagles owner worked things out in which Foles will get the bonus. Back in the old days, when people like Tex Schram and Jack Kent Cooke were in charge of payroll and finances, they’d remain hardline saying business is business. But times have changed and what Eagles owner Jeff Lurie is smart. Now that free agency is a thing, an act like that will help recruit players, they feel their owner will do what’s in the players’ best interest instead of what’s best for the bottom line.
  • I think the new “It Girl” in television commercials is the TurboTax red-head with glasses.
  • ’60 Minutes’ had a great story on Chinese invenstmenton AI. Two parts stood out. One, as the most populous country, they have a plethora of data to collect from humans doing everyday tasks. And two, they had an AI camera focusing on an elementary classroom and could immediately identify when a student was paying attention, distracted, or bored, which allowed the teacher to identified what parts of the lesson to adjust or how to individually tailor something to a particular student, and to figure out when a student is motivated or identify likes and dislikes. The story mainly focused on one Chinese investment capitalist (somewhat of an oxymoron if you think about it). He talked about coming to America as a child and enrolling in a Tennesee school and how the principal would personally tutor him during lunch to learn English. The individual attention he received floored him and he’s trying to instill that culture in Chinese schools. He went on to become an executive at Apple, Microsoft, and Google; and, has a new book out which I’m intereted in.
    • Kai-Fu Lee: When I arrived in Tennessee, my principal took every lunch to teach me English. And that is the kind of attention that I’ve not been used to growing up in Asia. And I felt that the American classrooms are smaller, encouraged individual thinking, critical thinking. And I felt it was the best thing that ever happened to me.
  • Wichita Falls news – Police were called to a Texas Walmart after a woman was reportedly drinking wine from a Pringles can and riding an electric cart in the parking lot. 
  • I like following Michael Morrell on Twitter and his analysis on the news, he was the former Acting and Deputy Director of the CIA. Recently, he provided this bit of insight on G.H.W. Bush who requested his presidential briefing to have more humor.


  • Few things brought me more joy than watching this video this weekend. I don’t know how anyone can watch and listen to it without smiling.
  • Well, not quite –  Dallas North Tollway to be Free by 2005 – June 1975
  • UCLA gymnast earns perfect 10 for routine, social media flips out
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    1. RPM says:

      Thought you would appreciate this… I was the final bit on The Crow Line for this season.

    2. AndreaJN says:

      You’re thinking your next wife will be so young, her mother will be younger than you? Keep dreaming! 🙂

    3. Ben W. says:

      You’re sly mother-in-law joke made me think of this SNL sketch, which (in my mind, at least) was an instant classic:

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