Bag of Randomness for Friday, September 7, 2018

  • OtherDogGeedingII isn’t sure what to think of BunnyGeeding. One thing for sure, he doesn’t like thunder. We found that out during the big storm that passed over GeedingManor.
  • I think I want to name the new pup ‘Lodestar’. Maybe I’ll name it ‘Matt Damon’. I’m not a big fan of the guys, but it would be funny to refer to him as ‘Matt Damon’, always using his first and last name. I think the ‘South Park’ guys did something in which their fictional Matt Damon character was only capable of saying “Matt Damon” and nothing else.
  • Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said Jerry Jones wrote him a nice letter congratulating him on his Super Bowl win. The cynic in me wonders if it was hand-written or if his secretary wrote it and he simply signed in. When I interned for an Air Force colonel in college I typed up a bunch of congratulatory letters he simply overlooked and signed.
  • I think Barron Trump is now taller than his father, and he’s only twelve-years-old. It’s my understanding President Trump is slightly over six feet tall.
  • What’s up with Cowboys offensive players who attended Baylor getting arrested by Frisco police as of late? First, there was Terrance Williams with public intoxication and then there was Rico Gathers smoking pot in public. With Dez and Witten gone the team can’t afford to lose those guys. I don’t care if they want to get drunk or high, just be smart and safe about it – have a designated driver or call a ride service and only use cannabis at home.
  • The ‘CBS Evening News’ had a nice story about Arthur Ashe’s brother, Johnnie Ashe. Knowing the military tries to avoid deploying siblings to a war zone at the same time, Johnnie decided to protect his brother from participating in combat in Vietnam by extending his tour in Vietnam and never told his brother about it. Arthur was serving as an officer at West Point (not as a student) at the time and went on to become a tennis great.
  • An old but great photo of a frog being blown off a rocket launch pad during launch.
  • Jury Fines Man $1 For Punching Charlottesville Rally Organizer
  • I had nothing against Burt Reynolds, but I don’t think I ever saw more than two or three of his movies and I can’t even recall what those are.
  • I mentioned last week how I have this new lawn mowing routine in which I’ll only mow no more than five minutes at a time throughout the day and only in shaded areas. Recently, I was utilizing this new routine and left the mower out front. One time in the afternoon I walked outside to resume mowing but I found a lawn mowing crew from one of the more established lawn mowing companies in front of my house. They looked at me puzzled and the leader of the crew asked why I was mowing the yard when they were scheduled to mow. I chuckled and told them I’ve lived here for over a decade and have always mowed my lawn and asked what address he was told to mow. He confirmed the address was the same as mine. I’m glad I mowed when I did or they would have wasted time, effort, and resources on a lawn they didn’t need to mow.
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, September 7, 2018

  1. AndreaJN says:

    My husband texted me yesterday that Burt Reynolds died. I thought that was unnecessary, because I am not personally affected at all that he passed away. Plus he was 82, not a big shocker.

    On the other hand, I have seen and enjoyed several of his works: Boogie Nights, Evening Shade (TV Series), Cannonball Run, Smokey and the Bandit, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Deliverance, and The Longest Yard.

  2. Brett Moore says:

    Cannonball Run is worth the watch.

  3. RPM says:

    Burt was a legit Hollywood legend. He will always be remembered as Bandit. Deliverance and Boogie Nights were arguably his best work, but my favorite were his Gator movies. He was really good in his final film, The Last Movie Star.

  4. Craig Moore says:

    Im a little iffy on the story the “lawn Guys” were giving you. He was a great on the spot story teller maybe. I bet he was eyeballing your mower, maybe thinking it was “free curb product” and was caught (puzzled look) by you coming out and needed an out. They know exactly where they get paid brother….Just a cautionary thought…..or it may be true 🙂

    • Geeding says:

      I had the same thought at first, and that’s one reason when I leave the mower out front it’s always close to the front door, a detail I probably should have added. I’ll also add that DogGeedingII was barking a lot and it’s what prompted me to go downstairs and “spy” for a while. I saw the guys out front talking for at least three or four minutes so it wasn’t like they were trying to make a quick getaway. Besides, the company they are associated with mow the majority of lawns on my street and I see this crew often. That’s not to say they couldn’t have taken it and tossed it in their covered trailer, but I just didn’t get that vibe. I wonder if they even knew if it was a battery-powered mower and if that would have factored into any decision, battery chargers aren’t too expensive.

  5. John Mackovic says:

    The first thing I thought of when I heard Burt Reynolds had died was the story I heard about how his old college roommate Lee Corso, and how he was the second man to pose naked for that magazine.

  6. Bryan B. says:

    My favorite Burt Reynolds film was Hooper. That was one of the first movies I really remember being obsessed with when I was a kid. Also the film where Hal Needham first used the blooper reel side-by-side with the credits (don’t think he did it with the first Smokey and the Bandit). It’s a shame the film is so dang hard to see. I can’t remember the last time it ran on tv and it’s not available via streaming, even on You Tube. Amazon has it available on DVD, but the reviews indicate that it is a poor transfer from VHS.

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