Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, August 8, 2018

  • I watched last night’s ‘Hard Knocks: Cleveland Browns’ on HBO and couldn’t get over how their head coach lacked support from his assistant coaches. There was one scene where he was advocating that it was okay for players to miss practice from time to time and his staff questioned the mental toughness of the decision. But what really stood out was the moment he told his assistant coaches that his mother died, which was only two weeks after the passing of his brother. The staff was gathered in his office watching television with the head coach at the back of the room who stated the bad news. I think they all turned their heads and glanced at him, but none of them from my recollection stopped to look the man in the eye and have an actual conversation and offer real sympathy and console the man. It was all “matter of fact” stuff and right back to watching television, just a huge lack of sincerity. That’s a head coach who doesn’t have the respect of his own coaching staff, even after telling them his mother died.
  • Potential ‘Better Call Saul’ spoilers:
    • I thought the death of Jimmy’s older successful brother, Chuck, wasn’t a certainty when the season finale aired, that he could have been gravely injured or scarred for life. I mention that because my DirecTV box automatically displays the episode description before I play it and the first sentence stated Jimmy was coping over the death of his brother.
    • I thought the cab driver in the opening scene was going to be Walter White, but a hallucination on Jimmy’s part with less than a second of screen time.
    • I can never get enough of Kim Wexler, and if she survives the season (which I totally expect) I wouldn’t mind yet another spin-off.
  • I guess the happenings at The Ohio State University has sparked renewed interest, but this thing has gone on so long I thought the statue of limitations sailed by – Baylor football considering NCAA bowl ban – According to multiple sources, the NCAA’s multi-year investigation into the Baylor athletic department has taken a “left turn” to the point that school officials are being advised to self-impose sanctions.
  • NFL’s first male dancers will hit the sidelines this season – The Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints will have male cheerleaders dancing on their squads for the first time.
  • The only paper straw maker in the U.S. was bought for an undisclosed sum yesterday. Last year, its sales grew by 5000%. Steve Jobs used to quote Wayne Gretzky often, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.”
  • Graphic – A guide to cemetery symbolism – It states that wheat and oak leaves represent a long-lived life that was harvested by the reaper when it was time.
  • The Army is buying microwave cannons to take down drones in mid-flight
  • I was asked to lead my team’s Scrum meeting the other day because our Scrum master wasn’t available and her backup was unavailable, as well as the backup to the backup. I ended it with “Hey, let’s be careful out there.” I didn’t expect anyone to get the reference because most aren’t old enough or familiar with pop-culture, but one person did and sent me an email about it, which made my day.

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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, August 8, 2018

  1. Ben W. says:

    I had the EXACT same annoyance (on Uverse, also owned by AT&T) about the BCS episode description, to the point that my long-suffering wife had to hear me rant about it. 🙂

    It will be interesting to see if the cab driver reappears in some way. In reality, he probably just had one of those moments where he thought he recognized Jimmy/Saul but couldn’t figure out where, but the flash of the Albuquerque Isotopes air freshener lets us know that he’s probably seen a thousand of Saul’s commercials. Vince Gilligan has such a great ability to make perfectly innocuous things seem dreadfully sinister.

  2. Dale Patterson says:

    Sgt. Esterhouse –“Ohhhhh, Grace!!!!”

  3. RPM says:

    I’m a big Kim Wexler fan, too. A spinoff is an interesting idea. They’ve only hinted at her backround. All we really know is she used to be a checker at a small town grocery store near the Kansas/Nebraska border and wanted the heck out of there.

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