Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 21, 2018

  • I bought a new television for our bedroom. It’s nothing special, but I like to test a new television using The Dark Knight. In particular, the armored car chase scene and especially the Joker interrogation scene. The Joker’s face with his sloppy white and red makeup against that black background can almost provide a three-dimensional effect.
  • I had back surgery eight months ago today. To be honest, I wish I was more pain-free than what I am but thankful for the mobility and strength I do have. The pain is constant and worst while sitting and pretty bad when I bend over. It’s not that I regret having the surgery, I received opinions from an orthopedic and a neurosurgeon and both agreed I’d eventually have to have the surgery, and recovery at a younger was a huge factor for me. And to be even more transparent, I probably should have hit rehab harder, but I was too scared of screwing something up and had a negative attitude. One month ago today I was at Disneyland and I considered that a great test for the six-month post surgery mark. I still have a small number of pain pills left but chose not to take a single one while I was there. I think the three-hour plane ride was worse than walking the park and riding the rides. There was one night I was hurting pretty bad and was tempted to take a pain pill, but it was a very active day visiting Disneyland in the morning, the beach in the afternoon, and returning to Disney that evening.
  • The New York Times had a nice article on Jimmy Carter, a few items which stood out:
    • They live in the same house they built in 1961 –  “a two-bedroom rancher assessed at $167,000, less than the value of the armored Secret Service vehicles parked outside.” “Their one-story house sits behind a government-owned fence that once surrounded Richard Nixon’s house in Key Biscayne, Fla.
    • The first former president to make money from the speaking circuit was Gerald Ford.
    • Ex-presidents often fly on private jets, sometimes lent by wealthy friends, but the Carters fly commercial. 
    • Carter costs U.S. taxpayers less than any other ex-president, according to the General Services Administration, with a total bill for him in the current fiscal year of $456,000, covering pensions, an office, staff and other expenses.
    • Carter doesn’t even have federal retirement health benefits because he worked for the government for four years — less than the five years needed to qualify. He says he receives health benefits through Emory University, where he has taught for 36 years.
    • They have no chef and they cook for themselves, often together. They make their own yogurt.
  • While watching ‘Wheel of Fortune’, the announcer referred to Paris as the “City of Light” but I always thought it was “City of Lights”. Wikipedia’s cites the etymology as “City of Light” as does,  so I learned me something new.
  • When I think about the latest, or I guess you can say, the on-going scandal of the Catholic church, the “300 predator priests” really stands out. That’s just the number caught or identified, the actual number must be much higher. I’m curious to know if Pope Benedict, who is still alive, knew how bad things were and if this played in his decision to no longer be the active Pope, or whatever the proper term is.
  • Yes, a horrible event happened several miles from GeedingManor at an apartment complex, a father stabbed his 16-month old boy to death while yelling, “Jesus is coming.” The father was shot by in the leg by a concerned neighbor. I’m curious if the man was somehow influenced by the story of Abraham who almost sacrificed his son, Isaac, until God stopped him. Of course, I’m not saying that’s justification or saying the Bible is at fault.
  • I don’t think Kim Wexler likes the idea of Mesa Verde expanding but I have a feeling she ends up working for them in another city. But then again, that seems too simple. Also, I wonder when Chuck wrote that letter since it wasn’t dated, which doesn’t seem like something he’d do. I bet it’s one last dig at his brother and he wrote it shortly before killing himself.
  • Two Florida Chick-Fil-As open within 587 feet of each other
    • The existing Merritt Island Chick-Fil-A, the one at Suite 164, is located in the food court of the Merritt Square Mall. The new Chick-Fil-A, the freestanding one, is located in the mall’s parking lot.
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 21, 2018

  1. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    Keith, you made the right decision on the back surgery. Always easier to heal while you are younger, although back issues are a challenge even after successful surgical treatment. Good luck and avoid the drugs as long as you can. I know it sounds crazy, but meditation works for me (most of the time).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Keith, man youre making my decision even tougher. I may need shoulder surgery( also tricky) it’s a painful recovery and there are no guarantees. I would hate to take a chance and end up worst than I’m right now. I’m able to cut yard, use the weed eater, but yet, unable to throw a football.

  3. Alec666 says:

    I left the catholic church a long time ago. The hypocrisy was just too much for me.

  4. Fred says:

    Sir I had back surgery also and was in constant pain afterwards.
    I went and had the Jesus shot in Oklahoma and have had great results.

    Google Decsalog 12. It’s the shot . Please don’t post this I don’t want anyone thinking I’m advertising for them. All I can say is it was a life saver for me because I wouldn’t take pain pills

  5. Anonymous says:

    It is a little further than 500 feet but there is a Chick-fil-a in Willow Bend mall and outside of the mall in Plano.

  6. Jason A says:

    Until about a year ago, there was a Starbucks inside the Tom Thumb on Keller Pkwy in Keller, and another Starbucks in the parking lot. Not sure of the distance, but it wasn’t far. (The parking lot location relocated down the street to the Kroger parking lot.)

  7. Ricardo Perry says:

    It saddens me to read about these people damaging the Church. I will remain Catholic because my faith and resolve is strong.

    Maybe Kim Wexler has some mental issues coming to the fore; or maybe even head trauma or possibly brain tumor/cancer. I think she dies before the merge with Breaking Bad.

    Stay strong Mr.G…

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