Bag of Randomness for Monday, August 6, 2018

  • Our hotel room bathroom was lit only by the back frame of the rectangular mirror, which I thought made my pupils look I was some sort of android or cyborg. I also think this photo makes the top of my head distorted.
  • My preferred mouthwash is Cēpacol, you’ll instantly recognize it from its yellow color. I feel like it works the best and I actually like the taste. I mean, there’s no beating the taste of Scope. bit Cēpacol isn’t bad and feels more “professional” or “stronger”.
  • I usually make plans to watch the NFL Hall of Fame ceremony but didn’t this year. The attitude towards sports, in general, has taken a downturn.
  • The Cowboys had their Blue/White scrimmage. That thing used to be a big thing back in the Eighties.
  • I’ve mentioned how annoyed I’ve become at the Ozaka Sparkling Water commercials, especially how much they are aired. To pleasantly annoy me, WifeGeeding now sends me texts imitating the commercial when she finds the product in stores.
  • The Washington Post recently had a feature on local sports broadcasting icon Dale Hansen.
  • We flew Delta home from California. The safety video kept my attention because they had flight attendants wear all versions of their uniforms from the start of their airline to the present.
  • Jalopnik has more details on the downfall of Reagor-Dykes – Texas Auto Dealer Goes Belly Up After Ford Sues It Over $41 Million in Defaulted Loans
    • Ford claims the auto dealer chain defaulted on $41 million in financing agreements by falsifying records to obtain extra loans. When Ford Credit dug in deeper, the automaker found Reagor-Dykes allegedly “double floored vehicles,” where it submitted information to obtain floor plan financing at one dealership, and then again at a second dealership, “thereby obtaining double financing from Ford Credit.”
  • Take that flat-Earth believers – Google Maps now depicts the Earth as a globe
  • Growing Up JobSteve Jobs and Chrisann Brennan were 23 when their daughter was born. Lisa Brennan-Jobs remembers the pride and pain of a childhood spent navigating the vastness between her struggling single mom and Apple’s mercurial founder.
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, August 6, 2018

  1. RPM says:

    Bart Reagor always stuck me as shady listening to his commercials, but he was a car salesman so I didn’t think much about it. Does this mean Tony Romo is going to lose his new truck?

  2. Harry Hood says:

    Hopefully we Ticket listeners are done with hearing the “just give me a chance” bit.

  3. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    Keith, those eyes have a sort of Dr. Doom quality to them in that photo. And with your recent back surgery (metal???), I would be careful around the Fantastic Four in coming months. Just saying.

    PS – on a serious note, glad you and the Geeding Clan had a good time at the Happiest Place on Earth. These are memories that your kids will treasure all their lives.

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