Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, June 20, 2018

  • For the last ten days or so the muscle beneath my right eye has been twitching so I thought I’d do some research. Most likely it’s a combination of staring at computer monitors too long during work and when I blog before bedtime and stress. More entertaining though is I found eye twitching can be a superstitious thing depending on the eye and if it’s the top or bottom muscle. So my future may hold:
    • Happy events await.
    • Disaster may befall.
    • Someone far away will visit.
    • A missed blogger will return.
    • An arrival of a stranger.
    • Birth of a child.
  • WifeGeeding’s father and brother caught another alligator and have now reached their bag limit.
  • I graduated college in 1999 with about $37,000 in student loan debt and a lot of ignorance. For a good hour, I considered joining the U.S. Border Patrol because they offered the best student loan payoff plan at the time. I thought, how hard can that be, nothing happens at the border? I’m sure I would have been miserable with the heavy workload, depressed at what I saw, and killed by a cartel member.
  • I think the last president to most recently operate a weedeater would have to be either Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush.
  • The last burial at Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial was in 2005 until this week. Both Pieper twin brothers died together on D-Day but only one body was retrieved and identified. The remains of the other brother were recently positively identified and now the twin brothers are reunited in burial.
  • I don’t deal well with crowds or people invading my personal space, or when I think people are close to intruding my personal space, so this picture freaks me out a bit.
  • What are the odds President Trump sends Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the border to direct any of those new tent cities housing teenage boys who illegally entered the United States with their parents?
  • Trump Jr. pulls out of fundraiser for George P. Bush due to immigration criticism
  • This article reminds me of this classic ‘Simpson’s’ moment, I always loved the lawyer’s reference to his case against The Neverending Story – All-you-can-eat restaurant closes after customers eat too much
  • Four ‘Star Trek’ series are in the works from ‘Discovery’ showrunner
    Including shows about Starfleet and Khan, plus an animated series.
  • General Electric gets booted from the Dow – For the first time in 110 years, General Electric will not be a member of the elite Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • Peter Mayhew, the original actor who was in the suit to portray Chewbacca, posted this nice Star Wars alumni photo. Carrie Fisher’s daughter is on the far left. Mayhew is on the back row and second from the left. He’s seated and everyone else is standing, yet his as tall as them.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, June 20, 2018

  1. Michael says:

    Back row and second from the left? Really? Geeding, you -do- need to start proofreading…

  2. AndreaJN says:

    Hey @Michael, he’s got an eye twitch! Don’t nag if he can’t tell right from left 🙂

  3. Bryan B says:

    Who cares about the proofreading? It’s a blog about…stuff. It’s not a dang contract to buy a house. And everybody wondered why Barry stepped away for a month.

  4. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    I always learn things when I read Bag of Nothing:
    1. There’s a bag limit on gators in Texas. Never knew that.
    2. GE is having big difficulties. Hadn’t read that before.
    3. Melania is a couch end-sitter. I feel bonded to her now.
    4. Geeding has the Roma Evil Eye (possibly). You have the gift.
    5. Based on 4 of the six possible events, WifeGeeding is pregnant. Congratulations!

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