Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, June 12, 2018

  • I like this photo still, it looks like they are about to do the waltz with Trump taking the lead. It’s like a new reality show called “Dancing With The Enemy”.
  • I’ve said it before, whether it’s a good thing or bad thing, don’t underestimate President Trump. No one thought he’d win a primary, much less the nomination or the presidency. I don’t know if he can pull off peace in the Korean peninsula, but I’m hopeful. Sure, I don’t agree with his politics nor do I like him personally, but I’d like to see the threat of nuclear war lessened and an improved life for the North Korean people.
  • I’m not much of a lip reader, but from what I could tell, Trump’s first words to Kim Jong-un was, “Well, well, well, Little Rocket Man, you made it here after all.” Followed by, “No way this guy has a smaller waist than me, am I right, folks?”
  • The arrangement of U.S. and North Korean flags is very surreal, I’d even say stunning, and something no one has ever seen. Heck, I doubt there’s ever been a comedy sketch with those flags hanging by each other.
  • If I were Kim Jong-un, as a gesture of good will, I’d return the USS Pueblo, which I doubt President Trump even knows about. But then again, I’m sure most Americans aren’t familiar with it. The USS Pueblo is a U.S. Navy ship which was attacked and captured by North Korea in January 1968.  It’s the only ship of the U.S. Navy still on the commissioned roster currently being held captive, North Korea uses it as a tourist attraction, and it remains the second-oldest commissioned ship in the U.S. Navy, behind USS Constitution, which was launched in 1797. Here’s an interesting tidbit about the sailors who were captured:
  • In case you missed it, CNN did some aggressive reporting last night.
  • The White House has a freelance chef who looks like a bodybuilder and has some of the most muscular and massive arms you’ll ever see. He can bench 700-pounds and has a bit of a Herschel Walker routine.
    • In support of Mission 22, a campaign to combat the estimated 22 veteran suicides each day, Rush decided to do 2,222 push-ups per day.
  • As I Lay Dying singer reunites with his Christian metal band after two-year prison term for hiring hit man to murder his wife
  • Vice-President Pence is no stranger to speaking at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in downtown Dallas. He spoke there last month at the NRA Convention and he’ll speak there tomorrow at the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting. I guess that speaks well of Dallas’ ability to book big meetings. Before his term expires, whenever that is, I bet he’ll speak at First Baptist Dallas.
  • A customer spotted Warren Buffet and Mark Cuban eating at an Omaha Dairy Queen. Worth noting, DQ is a part of Berkshire Hathaway.
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12 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, June 12, 2018

  1. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    Interesting to see two fascinating heads of government in a unique photo. The first leader, a portly disheveled person with a bad haircut and known for his narcissistic ways, angry outbursts, ego driven personality, and ruling via a cult of personality. And then there’s Kim Jong-un.

  2. Booger says:

    Trump’s speech to the National Assembly in Seoul on November 2017 addresses the USS Pueblo specifically. It’s acrually a pretty good speech if you can read it without hearing Trump’s voice.

  3. Bryan B says:

    I don’t underestimate Trump’s desire and ability to work out a deal with North Korea. My concern is the price: what is the President giving away to get it done and is he setting this up to personally benefit from it once he leaves office? And I have doubts that his motives are even a little virtuous. He doesn’t want the outcome that is best for the world or the people living in North Korea. He wants the outcome that makes him look best. This isn’t Jeb Bartlett getting Israel and the Palestinians because he’s sick and tired of solving everything through violence with a staff who says it can’t be done. This an egomaniac surrounded by sycophants trying to make himself look like a hero.

    • Geeding says:

      One thing which stood out at his press conference was when he told the press to look at it from a real estate perspective and the North Korean beach resorts that could be built. I could picture, out of a sign of “goodwill”, North Korea allowing the Trump brand to be amongst the first to be displayed. But I don’t see that happening. But then again, I never thought Kim Jung-un would ever leave the country. I love the Jeb Bartlett example, btw.

  4. Alec666 says:

    Lots of hate today for our President. Keith, please don’t let this become Liberally lean 2.0

    • Geeding says:

      If you are a longtime reader, you know that’s a word I try to avoid. But yes, I dislike the president and his politics. However, when I’m vocal about it, I try to at least be rational and civil about it. You won’t find me damning him to Hell or claim he’s running a pedophile ring out of a pizza joint. I thought I was complimentary of him saying he shouldn’t be underestimated, he’s proven the doubters wrong many times.

  5. Alec666 says:

    Keith, I should have made it clear I was talking about the comments

    • Geeding says:

      No, you weren’t, don’t lie! Meet me behind the basketball courts after school. I’m so going to throw my metal Gremlins lunchbox at you and run away if you are brave enough to show up.

      • Bryan B says:

        I can’t speak to any of the other comments, but I don’t feel that mine even came close to approaching the level of “hate”.

        • Bryan B says:

          Just for full disclosure, I’m a fiscal conservative, a social moderate, and I’ve rarely voted for anyone other than a Republican. That said, I think that President Trump was woefully unqualified and incapable of being a candidate for the office and I’m embarrassed that the party didn’t seek to nominate a better candidate. He engages in behavior that is undignified and completely out of character for anyone in a position of authority or leadership, much less one as important as President of the United States. He was rightfully elected by the voters of the country and I give him the respect the positions holds and I give him the benefit of the doubt when I feel it is appropriate.

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