Bag of Randomness for Thursday, June 28, 2018

  • Gordon Keith had a funny line about Robert Jeffress, “You’ll never hear him say he can’t make a Fox News appearance because he’s busy working on his sermon.”
  • While watching the Darlie Routier special I was reminded of things which kept me from embracing KXAS/NBC5. Jane and Mike were always seemed full of themselves, as well as Scott Murray. I don’t know if Routier murdered her kids, but their coverage of her at her sons’ grave left a sour taste in my mouth. And, they had a young cocky loudmouth investigative reporter who reeked of seediness. I think it was Marty Griffin, but I’m not sure. He is now a radio host in Pittsburgh and married to former KXAS/NBC5 reporter Kristin Sorensen.
  • Every bio of former sports anchor Scott Murray states his two most cherished awards are ‘Dad of the Year’ and ‘Father of the Year’. I think the first time I heard that about him was when I was in the fifth grade and I wondered who or what authority can grant such a title? Did his kids simply give him two different mugs and he decided to throw that in his CV?
  • I have no idea if they do or they don’t, but I’d think Donald and Eric Trump would utilize their father’s iconic plane for travel.
  • I mentioned BoyGeeding’s kindergarten classmate lost his father this week. Despite it being summer, their teacher emailed the class and is organizing a meal drive as the family is expecting a lot of visiting relatives. She’s a heck of a teacher and a human being.
  • Trillion Dollar Inheritance: The World’s Biggest Family Fortunes
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