Bag of Randomness for Monday, June 4, 2018

  • It was a good but exhausting last three days thanks to a great visit from a family member, my Aunt Bonnie, who is really my cousin but that’s a story in itself, which doesn’t have anything to do with inbreeding, thank God. Actually, things started off really crappy but it didn’t have anything to do with Aunt Bonnie.
  • The school year isn’t over for our kids yet, Thursday is their last day.
  • August 6, 2018 – Better Call Saul finally gets a season 4 release date
  • In news that would only interest people who work in my industry, it sounds like GitHub will be purchased by Microsoft. I think that would be a huge win for Microsoft, but a lot of people think Microsoft eventually screws up products they purchase.
  • Until the First Lady makes a public appearance without any type of head covering, I’m just going to assume she had a Britney Spears moment and shaved her head. She hasn’t been seen in public for 24 days. The current administration is unconventional, so it’s not like this is super surprising. However, she’s supposed to attend an event tonight but it’s closed to the press.
  • – The Edge on U2’s ‘Experience’ Tour: ‘This Is For Our Committed Fans’The guitarist breaks down key moments in the band’s new arena show and reveals he’s ready for a break when it all ends
  • Canon has ended sales for its last film camera
  • How San Quentin Inmates Built A Search Engine For Prison
  • Former Georgia ‘Teacher of the Year’ arrested on sexual assault charges
  • – Southern Baptist seminary reveals why it fired president Paige Patterson
    • Last month, Patterson was the president of the seminary and when these allegations surface, he then was reassigned to an to an emeritus role and still allowed to live on campus on May 23. That’s not the type of leadership the SBC promoted when I was a part of it, the accountability is laughable as the timing of their actions. It was hard for me to step away, it molded and shaped me during my formative and young adult years, and I felt like I was abandoning family. My life is better as a recovering Baptist.
    • The following is straight from the statement the seminary released, on Friday evening, when most folks aren’t paying attention. I can’t help but be reminded of Baylor releasing statements on Friday evening and on Thanksgiving break.
      • “But in connection with that allegation of rape, Dr. Patterson sent an email (the contents of which were shared with the Board on May 22) to the Chief of Campus Security in which Dr. Patterson discussed meeting with the student alone so that he could “break her down” and that he preferred no officials be present.”
  • The U.S. is trying to find a discreet way to pay for Kim Jong Un’s hotel during the summit – North Korea is cash poor and can’t afford to stay at their preferred hotel which would cost $6,000 a night for a presidential suite. If the U.S. pays for it, they would feel insulted, so it sounds like the U.S. is trying to get Singapore to pick up the tab. I’m still surprised they didn’t take up Trump’s offer of meeting at the DMZ, which I thought was a genius move.
  • You know my love for presidential history, so I found this article about an upcoming book on the office of Vice-President interesting, though I don’t think it’s a book I’d want to read. The book is titled  First in Line: Presidents, Vice Presidents and the Pursuit of Power, and it provides some interesting insight on how current VP Mike Pense will rely on counsel from former VPs, especially Biden. The article is as much about Biden, who’s eyeing a presidential run, than anything.
    • Hillary Clinton’s ‘ass-covering’ on bin Laden raid ‘rattled’ Biden
      • Vice President Pence has sought counsel from Dan Quayle, Dick Cheney, Joe Biden and Walter Mondale, all of whom I interviewed. When I asked one of them what advice he gave Pence, he said: “If I tell you and it’s written then I’d drastically undercut him,” sliding his hand across his neck. “He’d get his head chopped off.”
        • Noticeably absent from that list is Al Gore.
      • But Biden and Pence talk at least once a month, which stands in stark contrast to Trump and his predecessor, Obama, who have not spoken since the inauguration, nor have their wives, Melania Trump and Michelle Obama.
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  1. Suzi says:

    That bit about Melania and Michelle not having spoken can’t be true. Wasn’t there just a photo of Melania looking relaxed with the Obamas? Was it at Barbara Bush’s funeral?

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