Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, May 1, 2018

  • I’ve referenced this before, but I often wonder how the news gets or chooses a picture a person who is profiled in a story. A lot of those pictures are terrible. And then I got to thinking, the most recent picture of me on social media or this blog is of me holding an axe, and that could possibly be used. There’s no telling what a person would infer about me if that’s the only photo they’ve seen of me.
  • I’m so glad I saw Avengers: Infinity War because spoilers of all varieties are dropping all over social media.
  • Fitbit partners with Google to send health data to doctors
  • I may have mentioned this already, but recently BoyGeeding was walking in line behind his teacher and all the other students trailed far behind. His teacher looked down at him and said, “BoyGeeding, I just can’t save them, can, I?” And he replied, “Of course not, Ms. Teacher, only God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit can do that.”
  • I’ve been watching Amazon’s ‘All or Nothing: The Dallas Cowboys’ and those Jason Garrett motivational speeches get old. He’s a lot like President Trump in that he repeats himself a lot to drive home a point. I also think Zeke is being coddled too much. I knew he had a lot of “stuff” going on off the field, but oversleeping and not looking at your position coach when he’s talking to you is simply unprofessional.
  • Falwell: By Liberty University’s definition, it’s still the largest Christian university
  • Rolling Stone – U2’s Stage Director Breaks Down the Band’s New Experience + Innocence Tour
  • The Last SlaveIn 1931, Zora Neale Hurston sought to publish the story of Cudjo Lewis, the final slave-ship survivor. Instead it languished in a vault. Until now.
  • Vice – This Is What Happens When You Eat Nothing but Bugs for a Week – For seven days, I only ate grasshoppers, worms, and tarantulas. It was absolutely awful.
  • What’s in This?: Mountain DewAll 13 ingredients in this gamer sustainer, explained (yep, even erythorbic acid)
  • As Craig Miller would say, this article is from Outside magazine, not to be confused with OutTraining Makes Runners More Efficient, but Not Cyclists magazine, which I also subscribe to –
  • I’ve never seen a cat make a more impressive entrance

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