Bag of Randomness for Monday, May 7, 2018

  • A different version of you exists in the minds of everyone who knows you.
  • The NRA’s national convention was held in Dallas this past weekend. Stormy Daniels lives in the area, it would have been interesting if she decided to make an appearance, especially during the President’s speech. But it was a surprise to see her in the SNL cold open. As good as that opening bit was, Kate McKinnon as Rudy Giuliani will easily get underappreciated.
  • I’m glad to see nothing tragic happened in Dallas while the NRA was in town for their national convention. For the most part, people on both sides of the gun rights issue seemed respectful tolerant to another.
  • Now that I think of it, and it isn’t exactly macabre, it was a bit weird for both the President and Vice Priceline to speak at an NRA convention in the city where a rifle was used to assassinate a president. Dallas will forever be connected with the assassination of JFK. Both events happened in the downtown area, though not relatively close to one another
  • Former Dallas Cowboys Sherman Williams spent 15 years in federal prison but is now a college graduate.
  • Japan’s child population shrinks to 15.53 million, setting another record low
  • Fight them in every way, except the way that they want.
  • GIF – That seal totally stopped what he was doing when that little girl took a spill
  • Ticketmaster hopes to speed up event access by scanning your faceBy partnering with a face recognition maker, it could eventually allow you to enter venues without a ticket.
  • The Patty Melt is BackAfter nearly 80 years, the greasy spoon classic is having a renaissance.
  • How a Chinese city turned all its 16,000 buses electric

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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, May 7, 2018

  1. Seymore says:

    “A different version of you exists in the minds of everyone who knows you.”

    You also act different for each relationship you have. You have a dynamic way you act for one child and a bit different for the other. And then a third relationship when you are with both of them. And then another way when with both your children and your wife all together…and so on.

  2. AndreaJN says:

    What an amazing design for the Swan and Mallard!

  3. RPM says:

    Kate was great! I think I cracked a rib laughing so hard.

  4. Ben W. says:

    Can we retire the word “doggo” now? It’s so grating.

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