Bag of Randomness for Monday, March 14, 2018

  • For a reading accomplishment, DaughterGeeding received a free ice cream coupon at Braum’s. It made me laugh they were promoting how much protein is in their milkshakes.
  • I bought WifeGeeding a customized travel mug for Mother’s Day. She had it for about two hours before losing it at church. Maybe it’s just her polite way of telling me she didn’t like it.
  • DaughterGeeding’s class has a bunch of silkworms and each kid gets to take them home for a bit, and we hosted them this weekend. When she brought them home on Friday there was not one cacoon, but as of last night, at least eight of them made one. And to my surprise, they are a bit loud when they are eating.
  • The silkworms will eventually turn into a moth. Oh, and these silkworms are domesticated: “Domestic silkmoths are closely dependent on humans for reproduction, as a result of millennia of selective breeding. Wild silkmoths are different from their domestic cousins as they have not been selectively bred; they are not as commercially viable in the production of silk.”
  • I finished Amazon’s ‘All or Nothing: The Dallas Cowboys’. I know there is no such thing as a player/coach like Tom Landry used to have, but Sean Lee is most certainly a player/coach. You should see the way he runs meetings, go over game tape, and the respect he gets from his teammates. I like Jon Hamm’s voice in commercials but I didn’t like him as the narrator.
  • It was another weekend of proclaiming I was going to get a lot of things marked off my to-do list only for me to barely make a dent in it.
  • Our church is in the very early stages of looking for a new pastor since our pastor will retire next year. I might be getting the terminology wrong, but the pastor nomination committee consists of one male and six females.
  • Caged tiger among live animals on display at Miami-Dade prom
    • It was a “Welcome To The Jungle” theme. In addition to the tiger, they had a lemur, two macaws, and an African fennec fox.
  • Texas woman who ran over cheating husband released from prison
  • The May 16 Texas Rangers game will only be available to watch on Facebook, you won’t be able to view it on television, the MLB app, or any other way.
  • BMW’s wireless car charging pad arrives this summer
  • GQ – How to Become a U2 Fan – Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Bono.
    • U2 is one of the biggest bands in the world, but self-identifying as a U2 fan is another thing entirely. As a self-identified U2 fan, I can tell you: You get shit on. Constantly.
  • May your Monday be as fearless as this young man.

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