Bag of Randomness for Friday, May 18, 2018

  • WifeGeeding scored a great deal at the local water park hotel so we stayed there last night. We get access to the park for two days and it made for a great early birthday present for DaughterGeeding. My back held up better than I expected on the rides. Not only did the kids get to play at a waterpark after school yesterday, but it was also track and field day at their school. They were knocked out.
  • Tomorrow, WifeGeeding will attend a goat yoga session. It’s basically yoga with goats walking on your body.
  • I’m not a morning person, but this new book has caught my attention – My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired. One of the authors was recently interviewed and he stated his interviewees average a 10:57 p.m. bedtime and a 6:24 am wakeup.
  • @BobbyBeltTX – Cowboys OL coach Paul Alexander wrote in his book “Perform” about how he can rule out certain offensive lineman playing for him by the way they dispense ketchup from a bottle. [pic] [article]
  • Chinese school uses facial recognition to make kids pay attention
  • I always thought him wearing that white suit against a black background with huge long slender letters of his name was exceptionally cool – Elvis Presley’s ’68 Comeback Special Gets 50th Anniversary Celebration On NBC
  • When it comes to dogs greeting kids coming home from school, there are no two cuter GIFs

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Dog is super excited to see his tiny human coming home!

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