Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 19, 2018

  • We didn’t plan on dressing alike.
  • BoyGeeding is going to be alright but he gave us a bit of a scare. He didn’t do anything to injure himself, but he started to experience severe pain in his left femur. It’s hard for a kindergartner to describe the type of pain he is in, but we thought it was a pulled muscle or one of those growing pains. However, it was worst the next morning and despite a great attitude, he really couldn’t walk so we took him to the doctor. The doctor ruled out sore muscles or any broken bones but sent us to an imaging facility to get x-rays and an ultrasound and then to a hospital to get a specialized blood test. The kid was a trooper, and I wish I could adequately express how proud I am of his manners as every nurse and technician complimented him on his respectfulness and politeness. In short, he’s got a case of toxic synovitis, which isn’t anything serious. It’s a temporary inflammation of the hip probably caused by a virus. But I’ll be honest, despite remaining calm or cautious or what have you, a lot of worse case scenario stuff was going through my head. I’m a prepare for the worst but hope for the best kinda guy.
  • That kid sure enjoyed being pushed around a wheelchair.
  • My kids may not be attractive, smart, or athletic, they have my genes to blame for that. But they will be respectful, polite, well mannered, work hard, and have a good attitude – that I can control.
  • One “silly” goal I had as a parent was that none of my children would cry when getting a shot or having their drawn blood for the first time (other than being a baby and not cognizant of what’s going on). Mission accomplished. I work hard at explaining and preparing them for that moment, earning their trust and setting expectations.
  • He got a little nervous, maybe even a little scared before his x-ray even though we were maybe ten feet away. He needed help with something and the nurse asked if he wanted his mom, but he said, “No, I want my dad.” I’ll cherish that moment for the rest of my life, kids always ask for their mamas.
  • This Medieval Italian Man Replaced His Amputated Hand With a WeaponArchaeologists have found a fascinating puzzle in the shape of a man’s remains dating back to medieval Italy. It looks like this guy went through life with a knife attached to his arm, in place of his amputated hand.
  • Chrome now mutes auto-playing videos by default
  • Senator Hatch’s office staff gave me a good laugh:
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story reminds us that no one knows how to say Han’s name
  • That bridge looks as flimsy as the one in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – Video: This Truck Crossing A Tiny Bridge With No Guardrails Is Making Our Palms Sweat
  • This answered a lot of questions for me – How Southwest Flight 1380’s Pilots Landed With A Blown Engine
    • First, the pilots put on their own oxygen masks and make sure the air is flowing. Stored in consoles, these typically look more like what fighter pilots wear than the flimsy yellow cups that drop onto passengers. Then they start heading for the ground. People can breathe at around 15,000 feet, but pilots aim to get below 10,000 to be safe. They don’t want to push an already damaged airframe into a steep dive, but drop as quickly as possible.
    • The pilots don’t reach out to air traffic control until that descent is underway. “Something we teach students from day one is aviate, navigate, communicate—in that order,” 
    • The Southwest pilots landed at 190 miles per hour, about 30 mph faster than a typical touchdown. That’s because the pilots engaged the flaps at a lower angle than normal, to better control the damaged aircraft.
    •  A meteorologist was able to analyze weather radar data, and see the reflection of falling metal. Combined with estimated wind speeds, they correctly estimated where those bits would have landed, then went and got them.
  • We are having fun with the chicks WifeGeeding brought home.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 19, 2018

  1. Alec666 says:

    Keith I have never disagreed with you more. Your kids are attractive and smart now, the athletic part is up to you, i.e. my kid has no hand to eye coordination but he can run like the wind.

    • Kathy says:

      I agree. Your kids are cute and smart, and it’s a bonus (due to your influence) that they are so well-mannered.

  2. Former Neighbor Payne says:

    How cool is it that he asked for his dad. You’re right, they always ask for their mamas. That has to be a great Proud Dad moment.

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