Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, March 28, 2018

  • My phone is dead. I’m disconnected from the “world” until the new one arrives in the mail. I’m going through withdrawals now, but certain it will feel liberating in a little bit. And then, I’ll get the new phone and feel the “anxiety” of learning all the bell and whistles and wanting to customize it just right. Heck, 40-minutes alone will be trying to figure out what ringer I want to live with and what I’d like to hear when I get a text.
  • I see George Carlin quotes all the time on Reddit and Twitter and think they are great, insightful, and funny. But to this day I’ve never listened to any of his acts.
  • How dare this strong conservative former Governor of Texas eat a hippy left-coast burger and smile about it.
  • Taking money away from the military doesn’t sound like something the leader of the GOP would do, it’s robbing Peter to pay Paul and trying to get Pedro to pay for it – Trump privately presses for military to pay for border wall
  • ‘Religious’ burglar blesses himself before throwing brick through store window
    • Before doing so, he was caught on video tracing the symbol of the cross over his chest, a motion of blessing himself.
      • I guess the reporter never heard of the word genuflect or thought his or her audience was religiously ignorant.
  • Professional Clown Runs For Congress In South Carolina
  • It’s like the old days of TV – Google sponsorship will cut ad time on Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ – CBS will replace one of the usual ad breaks with a “More Show presented by Google’s Nest Hello video doorbell.”
  • It’s a ticky-tacky thing, but I don’t like the way this headline is worded, I would have preferred “Police” over “Cops” – Cops in Tempe, Arizona, now have AR-15s strapped to the back of their motorcycles
  • One of my enemies is mustard. It knows why. I never forget. The same goes for you pickle juice. You know what you did.
  •  Chalkboards
    • Most of my classes in Mineral Wells had them, but they started to be phased out in high school. I graduated in 1994.
    • Being somewhat anal retentive, I was easily annoyed and distracted when the teacher would erase the board but you could still see what was written. I wanted so badly to get out of my seat and to thoroughly erase what was on the board, it needed to be completely blank.
    • I was always uncomfortable with the texture, the feel, and smell of chalk.
    • In middle school, sometimes the teacher would ask us to take the eraser cleaning machine outside and clean her erasers. It looked like a deli meat slicer but instead of a blade there was a brush you’d glide the erase against and it would blow the dust out in the opposite direction. It was something that had to be done outside, so it was a great excuse to just get out of the classroom for a bit. An added bonus was that students from other classes would see you from their classrooms looking out through windows. The added attention was an ego boost.
    • Most were green, only a few were black. In case you ever wondered the difference between green and black chalkboards, Reader’s Digest states the following:
      • The color change came in the 1960s, when companies sold steel plates coated with green porcelain-based enamel instead of the traditional dark slate. The new material was lighter and less fragile than the first blackboards, so they were cheaper to ship and more likely to survive the journey. Teachers weren’t complaining either. After all, the new “greenboards” made the chalk powder easier to erase fully. Plus, the enamel left less of a glare and the color was nicer to look at.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, March 28, 2018

  1. Seymore says:

    We cleaned the chalk erasers with just a vacuum cleaner in the Janitor’s room back in the ’60s. It was considered an honor type chore to leave the classroom for such duties. I was wondering if cleaning at school was considered child abuse today?

  2. Garry says:

    Saw George Carlin at the Tarrent County Convention Center in the 70’s, he was great!
    Also, pickle juice is great if you ever get leg cramps…just grab the jar and take a shot of the juice…it works.

    • Triple Fake says:

      If you check out any old George Carlin routines – FYI: the Seven Words You Can’t Say on TV is definitely still NSFW…or home, or delicate ears!

      Just a couple of days ago, my cousin, who’s been a nurse for many years, also said the best treatment for cramps is pickle juice.

      “Mustard with some of them french-fried taters, mmm-hmmm. Alright then!”
      Triple Fake Karl “Slingblade” Childers

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