Bag of Randomness for Monday, March 12, 2018

  • Insert generic time change joke about losing an hour of sleep [here].
  • The kids are on spring break. They are starting it off by visiting a children’s museum in Waco with a cousin and then traveling to East Texas to visit grandparents.
  • This week I start rehab. I probably should have referenced it as physical therapy but “rehab” is more eye-catching.
  • On my first day back at work last week, my back started to hurt a bit more than I’d like so I took a pain pill. About a half hour later I received a company-wide email addressing the opioid crisis and what to look for, which made me laugh. However, I did read the email and while I don’t have any concerns about an addiction, I could relate to a lot of the signs mentioned and it led to a self-evaluation. Here’s a section of the email:
    • However, taking these drugs for long periods of time slows down the body’s production of natural painkillers. The body then shifts to depend on these drugs as a replacement for regulating pain and keep it in balance.  In short, people shift from taking the medication to assist, to taking the medication because they need it to feel regular.  Since the body is balancing back to zero, it builds a “new normal” for the body, and the person then needs to take more drugs to feel the “giddiness” again or stop the pain. 
  • Tiger Woods’ second-place finish yesterday gives hope to all 42-year-old half-Asians with a history of spinal fusion surgery.
  • The local news showed the moment when the TCU mens basketball team learned they were included in the tournament. It looked like every one of them was holding their phones in front of them either recording the moment or streaming it on Facebook live. If I was their coach, I’d like to think I would tell them to put those phones away, the moment is being recorded by the local news and the school, and let’s just enjoy the moment together as a team.
  • I really don’t know a lot about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos but she was on ’60 Minutes’ last night. She creeped me out a bit because at the end of every answer, even ones about campus rape, you could tell she was forcing herself to smile. I felt she came across as very insincere. She also stated she hasn’t visited any under-performing school, only well-performing schools.
  • I watched some of the reboot of ‘American Idol’. For the reboot of the first episode, I was curious about the first contestant the producers decided to showcase. She was a quirky and interesting soul. One of last night’s female contestants was a student in the school WifeGeeding used to teach at. Her parents would often send her to school wearing makeup which resulted in some confrontation with her teacher and principal.
  • Mascara seems to be quite popular with the ladies, that is, applying or wearing a lot at one time. Personally, I’m not a fan, less is more.
  • WifeGeeding cut off a lot of her hair, no buzz cut or anything but somewhere to her neckline. I gave her a complex about women and short hair in our early years telling her when women chop off their hair after having children it’s the first step of them giving up on their looks and nailing it in, that men will say they like the short hair, but inside, they really miss and prefer the long hair. She chickened out on coloring it gray, which bummed me out, I wanted her to do something bold and brave. But for her, short hair is brave.
  • For years I’ve been saying we are moving to a cashless society, yet every Friday evening when I drive by the bank, there’s a line of cars at the ATM and I can’t figure out why. What are those folks using cash for that they can’t use a debit card for? Even if they are going to a gentleman’s club, wouldn’t they need singles? All of those folks at Lewisville ATMs can’t be driving to Oklahoma to the casinos.
  • The local news had a story about a vigil being held outside of a gentleman’s club. Apparently, two managers of Kings Cabaret were shot and killed outside of it.
  • This Vox interactive is pretty interesting – Your state’s teachers are underpaid. Find out by how much.
  • Utah woman found guilty of trying to hire hit man charged with same crime for third time
  • I wonder if the Catholic church would ever do an online confessional, maybe they already do.
  • How Dirk goes through airport security for an away game.

  • LeBron had a beautiful no-look pass.

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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, March 12, 2018

  1. Alan says:

    Car Salesmen, Lawyers, can “Smile” with the best of em’, are they sincere?

  2. Towski says:

    I’ve always been a fan of short hair on women. WifeTowski has short hair and it looks great on her.

  3. Bryan says:

    I noticed the same thing during the TCU tournament selection story. My daughter is in competitive cheerleading and, before their last competition, the gym owner sent out a message asking each team to pick one parent to video their routine so that everyone else could concentrate on cheering them on and enjoying the moment. Of course, my wife volunteered me to video and I didn’t mind, but I appreciated that idea a great deal.

    The Vox interactive on teacher salaries is interesting. The charts at the end about the state vs. local share would be more interesting for Texas if it covered more than just the last 10 years. Part of the problem with education funding right now is that the state share dropped so significantly over the last 20 years. All of Gov. Abbot and Dan Patrick’s teacher salary proposals that they like to brag about were not intended to be funded by the state. They expect districts to cut their expenses elsewhere and make it fit in the budget.

  4. Seymore says:

    I was in Tractor Supply on Friday when the computer registers were down. I had about $80 cash on me and was the only one of about 10 people who could actually pay and leave with my stuff…

  5. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Re: Besty DeVos – pretty much all you need to know is that she has ZERO experience in education prior to her appointment. SMH

    Re: Cash – many people get cash because of the “anonymity” of it. No worries about identity theft, stealing, etc. if you are throwing down the cash.

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