WifeGeeding Bag of Randomness

  • Keith really got a kick out of the idea of me starting my own blog called BagOfSomething.com.
  • Keith had his two-week post-op doctor visit yesterday and had his stitches removed.   Although he will not see the doctor who performed the surgery until four more weeks, the PA said he was doing well.  She stated that he is recovering from a major surgery and that it will take time, but not to push himself to hard.  No Physical Therapy yet-just  needs to focus on walking. If we have any concerns, it’s the continuous numbing sensation he feels in his left foot. We were told that it is not a red flag and is typical because it’s the body’s way of showing signs the damaged nerve is healing.
  • BoyGeeding decided to play King Solomon yesterday. He and his sister have been fighting over a blanket so he decided to cut it in half.
  • I’m not too excited about the “Big Game” on Sunday.  I like watching football, but really do not care for either team.  Hopefully there will be some good commercials.
  • Favorite Girl Scout Cookies:  Samoas
  •  He’s making progress:
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7 Responses to WifeGeeding Bag of Randomness

  1. AndreaJN says:

    Great steady progress!

  2. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Great work, Keith, keep it up!

    And good job on the blog, Mrs. Geeding!

  3. John Mackovic says:

    Hang in there Keith!

  4. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    Keith – happy to hear the good reports. Keep pushing and things will get back to a happy normal soon. Listen to the doctors. And absolutely listen to your personal home-care coordinator (WifeGeeding). Her guidance may be more important to your long term health and safety than the doc’s advice, if you know what I mean. ha.

  5. mzchief says:

    Good to see Keith is making steady progress.

    Excellent blogging WifeGedding.

  6. AndreaJN says:

    Hope everything is OK.

  7. RPM says:

    Love the job you’re doing Mrs G, but I’m really looking forward to some good ol’ pain med fueled, hazy memory, semi-coherent posts from from the old master. It’s kinda like watching the video of the kid coming home from the dentist.

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