WifeGeeding Bag of Randomness

  • Before I went back to work today I made sure Keith had Herschel, all the remotes, his phone and a drink right next to him.  And no, it wasn’t Fireball whiskey.
  • I played “Mother May I” with 13 four year olds today.  They were learning about patience.
  • You never see kids playing “Red Rover” anymore.
  • Keith has been on a potato, egg and cheese taco kick lately.
  • While helping DaugherGeeding with her homework I hear “beep, beep, beep, beep”.  I immediately jump up and run out to the garage to see LeafGeeding backing up and the garage door going down.  I quickly run to the car and open the driver’s side door to stop Keith from driving.  He said the paper work from the doctor said he could drive 10 days to 2 weeks after surgery and it was day 10.  I did not think it was a good idea, but went ahead and let with him drive around the block with me in the passenger seat.
  • Keith thinks I’m weird that I eat cold leftovers–pizza, fried chicken, quesadillas.  Both kids came downstairs as Keith was warming up some chicken tenders, grabbed a cold tender out of the box and started munching away.  Proud Mom moment.
  • If only I could get Keith to pronounce syrup correctly.
  • Some of you are worried about Keith getting off of his pain medication.  He has cut down his dosage and is lengthening the amount of time between taking it.  If the pain becomes too uncomfortable he will take a pill.
  • BoyGeeding is having a hard time deciding what he would like to play in the spring.  We let our children choose one extracurricular activity in the fall and spring.  You may remember that he played flag football in the fall.  The past two years he played Blastball and T-Ball in the spring with the same team and coach.  This year will be Coach Pitch and unfortunately the coach will be coaching his daughter’s softball team.  Without the same coach, which we really liked, and not having any of his friends play, it looks like he will not be playing baseball this year.
  • If you could meet either your ancestors or your descendants who would you choose?
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10 Responses to WifeGeeding Bag of Randomness

  1. KC1 says:

    You are NOT weird! Cold, leftover pizza is the best!!!

  2. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Great question! I would choose my descendants. I have studied my ancestry many times and know some information about my forefathers. But I have know idea what will happen down the line… I would love to see that!

  3. JayF says:

    Cold Pizza and Quesadillas are great…My wife thinks I’m weird as well for eating cold stuff.
    Red Rover, Duck Duck, Goose, freeze tag, hide and seek etc..etc..(Unless of course its on a tablet.)
    That is a heck of a question….I would probably go with ancestors.

  4. Anonymous says:

    ur doing great wife-geeding…

  5. David says:

    Wife is publishing a fine blog

  6. Sharon in TX says:

    Ooooh, good question! I might have to go with descendants. I’d really like to know what they were like as people and what their lives were like. I always wondered how we didn’t break our arms playing Red Rover! You’re doing a great blogging job and cold pizza is the best! Sending get well wishes to Keith!

  7. Sara says:

    Me and my 19th month old son both love food cold, and will wait for hot food and drinks to get to room temperature before eating it. My husband thinks it’s disgusting, but no one cares.

  8. AndreaJN says:

    The plan on pain meds makes sense to me. Cautiously taking medicine but not suffering.

    I totally eat cold leftovers.

    I would have to meet my ancestors, because I won’t have any direct descendants. (no kids for me)

  9. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    Some of life’s little joys:
    1. cold fried chicken
    2. cold pizza
    3. cold corn on the cob with melted butter drizzled on it
    4. cold oatmeal & cinnamon (I hear folks retching on this one)
    5. cold waffles/pancakes & cold scrambled eggs made into a sandwich
    6. cold coffee (seems stronger)
    7. cold turkey & dressing & cranberry sauce (makes a great sandwich too)

    • Mr. Mike Honcho says:

      I am with you on 1,2 and especially 5 (more lukewarm is better). But the rest? Blech!

      Another great cold-leftover-after-it-was-warm food; Cakes and Pie. Love it.

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