Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, January 3, 2017

  • The kids are having a couple of firsts this week, friends staying over for the night. DaughterGeeding’s friend will stay later this week but BoyGeeding’s friend was over last night. He was a polite and interesting kid, he liked to clean. As a matter of fact, he cleaned both of our kids’ rooms because he didn’t like clutter.
  • This “extreme” cold weather has affected the ranged on our Nissan Leaf. During normal weather, it would display a range between 86 and 92 miles. With this cold weather, the range is displaying 74 miles.
    • My friend, Andy, recently wrote about his experience of owning a Nissan Leaf for a full year, the good, bad, and ugly. His leaf is a 2016 model with a larger battery while mine is a 2014 model. He’s experienced more battery denigration than I have but I’m guessing that’s because we have different driving habits. His commute to work requires highway travel and we may only use the highway a few times on the weekends, never on the weekday. I also don’t have the ability to use a rapid charge but I’m not sure if he does or if he’s utilized that feature often. Also, since he’s a reader of this blog, I’m killing a bird with two stones by posting this and not sending him an email since he doesn’t allow comments on his blog (darn spammers).
    • In case you are wondering, I butchered the “two birds one stone” idiom on purpose. I’m dumb, but not Tommy Callahan (Tommy Boy) dumb (language warning).
  • I read the Dallas Observer‘s article on the 10 Most Fascinating People of Dallas. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader trainer Kitty Carter made the list and in this March 2017 article she helps a Hardin-Simmons student prepare for an audition.
    • As the dancers are leaving, Carter stops the girl from Hardin-Simmons. She tells her her hair is awful and suggests she let her box coloring grow out and use plenty of conditioner before auditions. The dancer’s eyes begin to well up. “Are you about to cry?” Carter asks. The dancer assures her that isn’t the case, but Carter hugs her just to be sure.
  • I miss that trend of girls wearing Keds with jeans.
  • The Dallas Galleria is one of the more upscale malls in the area and I noticed a new Christian clothing store on the way to the ice rink – 3:16 is a Christian lifestyle brand specializing in sharing the cumulative message of salvation, not simply as an idea but as a lifestyle. We carry carefully curated apparel, jewelry, and gifts all inspired by the Word of God.
    • Here’s a bit more on the origin of the store from the “About Us” section of their website:
      • As far as humble beginnings go, we’ve held the title in spades. In 2009, our founder received the call to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ by witnessing to sinners and saints alike while actively witnessing this faith through christian apparel. With just the call and a set of car keys, Jaylen began designing t-shirts and distributing them from the trunk of his mother’s 1997 Nissan Maxima.
      • Humbly, he does not consider himself a CEO, instead he considers himself the CSV: Chief Steward/Visionary,  acknowledging that God owns everything and he is just the vessel chosen to carry out the vision.
  • This girl’s dog is pretty protective.
  • There’s talk of former Massachusettes Governor Mitt Romey running for the Utah Senate seat. I know there have been governors/senators who have governed and represented the same state in the Senate (such as Tim Kaine and Frank Murkowski), but off hand, I don’t know of anyone who has done both for different states.
    • In case you were wondering, no one person can serve as both governor and senator at the same time. Per Article I, Section 6 of the U.S. Constitution: “No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil Office under the Authority of the United States, which shall have been created, or the Emoluments whereof shall have been encreased during such time; and no Person holding any Office under the United States, shall be a Member of either House during his Continuance in Office.”
  • Only twice in U.S. history have both of a state’s U.S. Senate delegation members shared the same last name
    • The two Clayton cousins served alongside one another from March 4, 1845 through March 3, 1847. In other words, Delaware had two Senator Claytons for 730 days (two years).
    • Kingsley Taft took office the next day on November 6, 1946 and served alongside his distant relation, two-term Republican U.S. Senator Robert Taft (son of President William Howard Taft).
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, January 3, 2017

  1. John Mackovic says:

    I believe great Sam Houston was the only person who’s been governor of two different states. He also served Texas in the Senate and Tennessee in the House.

  2. Andy B says:

    Yep, I’ve noticed a drop in range in the cold weather as well in my LEAF, although it coincides with a general drop in range due to battery degradation, so I don’t know exactly how to allocate the blame. For me it might effectively be 8-12 miles less if it’s really cold and I’m running the heater most of the time. Sometimes I leave the heater off part of the time to preserve range.

    Yes, I have the Level 3 ChaDeMo charging capability, but I’ve never used it. The closest one is at the Cracker Barrel in Arlington. We’ve talked about trying it just for the novelty, but it’s never worked out. Also, it cuts off when you get to 80 percent full, so for me it’s not as useful as it might seem.

    I’ve read that the 2019 LEAF will have a new battery from LG Chem that includes a thermal management system, 60 kWh battery, 200+ mile range, and faster acceleration. I might keep my LEAF until then, trade it in for a 2019, and hope that it doesn’t have the battery issues that mine does. Or I might just get a Tesla Model 3 or a Bolt.

  3. Nathan Hart says:

    My 2017 Ford Fusion Energi (a plugin hybrid) gets up to 27 miles of all-electric range in the summer, and drops to as low as 14 miles in the cold winter. That’s an almost 50% drop–pretty crazy. Something the salesman fails to mention at the close of the sale :-).

    Some consolation in the fact that internal combustion cars also drop in efficiency in cold weather:

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