Bag of Randomness for Friday, January 5, 2018

  • My spinal fusion surgery is scheduled two weeks from today. On the way to visit the doctor yesterday to schedule the surgery I got a bit emotional and almost teared up. I’ve never been hospitalized, like had to stay overnight, and all sorts of worries and concerns you can imagine started to pop in my head.
  • The pessimist in me feels like WifeGeeding is going to be back on the market in two weeks because something will go wrong with the surgery.
  • Asking for a friend. If a guy is put under anesthesia and has a catheter inserted, does it hurt when it’s removed when he’s awake?
  • I’m not going to get into a lot of details, but DaughterGeeding has been having a rough time with anxiety it’s affecting her physically. We’ve read books and worked through exercises with her for months but it hasn’t helped much and of course, have talked to her pediatrician many times. She started counseling this week.
  • Weather news usually bores me, I felt like I’ve seen it all, but the footage out of Boston of streets flooding with all that snow wowed me.
  • Arkansas mosque forgives, pays fine of man who defaced its walls
  • ‘Jeopardy!’ on hiatus after host Alex Trebek has brain surgery
  • Article
  • I was trying to use the plural form of “ottoman” the other day and I inadvertently used “ottomen”.
  • Abilene Christian University encourages students not to apply at Hooters
    • KTXS contacted the other two religious-base private universities in Abilene. McMurry University said it does not restrict where students work off campus. KTXS is waiting on a response from Hardin-Simmons University.
  • I’m in love with this dog.

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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, January 5, 2018

  1. barry says:

    Keith, I hold you and your daughter (and family) in my heart before the Lord as you face the trials of which you write. May your back surgery make you a new man, and may the trial of anxiety serve your daughter well in future years as she presses through it now. Here’s to some peace in the battles.

  2. Seymore says:

    Just be ever so thankful for all the good doctors and nurses that are available to you. They want you to do better, they do not see it any other way.

  3. Michael Kenyon says:

    Having been lucky enough to have my first two catheters of my life in the past 4 months, I can speak from recent experience. While it doesn’t necessarily hurt, you won’t want to do it again any time soon. They do it so quickly that you barely have time to get worked up about it and stress out. I mean, they walk in 2 or 3 strong, start talking to you, taking blood pressure and such, and then, with a warning of, “Your having your catheter out today.” it will be over 10 seconds later. The good part is, you will want that catheter out. That worst part for me was for 24 hours after it was removed I felt like I had to pee all the time but rarely did I actually pee.

    BTW, that second catheter was for my spinal fusion at L4/L5. They did some other stuff while in there and had to do a “365” surgery – that is they go in through the stomach and the back. The best part of this is that you will matching scars on the front and back. Seriously, pretty sure that is the best part.

    I work at home too and asked the surgeon how long before I could return to work. He told me 3 days…I went back after 10 and that was a mistake. I was actually feeling pretty good, back-wise, but sitting too long is really bad after this kind of surgery. I soon had a set back and the doctor said to work no more than 4 hours a day. Since then I have been feeling much better but have learned to take it easy. By easy, I mean not more than doing more than 1 or 2 things a day. My surgery was November 10. Today, I usually feel fine with a slight twinge or two but if I want to run an errand, I only run one errand. If I run 2 or 3, I will really feel it when I get home and the next day.

    I have gone on way too long here. Even though you didn’t ask, my advice is to take as much time off as you can, listen to your doctor, and don’t over do it. My biggest problem right now is fighting off boredom while I do nothing from 12:30 pm until I go to bed.

    Oh, yeah, one more thing, if your self-confidence isn’t low already, this will make it so. Relying on my wife to do everything, and I mean everything, is killing me.

  4. Terry b says:

    Long time lurker. I had my aortic valve replaced and an aneurism repaired on 11/28/17. The time up to the surgery sucked because of just what you mentioned (lots of internet searching etc). Try to minimize the amount of time you worry and go searching for the answer.

    The cath is bothersome but bearable. Mine was removed fairly quickly after I came out from the anesthesia. You will be very groggy for a while and may not remember much afterwards.

    I same goes for breathing tubes.

    The surgery will be a success. You have researched and settled on the most skilled doctor. Be confident.

    Good luck. Football guru.

  5. Highland Park Boy says:

    My appendix ruptured in 2011 and I Was in the hospital 14 nights. I did not die.
    I had a total hip replacement in June of 2014 and they had to redo it in December. I spent three nights in the hospital both times. I did not die.
    I had the other hip replaced in June of 2016 and after 3 days there I did not die.
    The catheter removal was nothing. Just a little quick pop, and an “oh my”.
    Take advantage of the spounge baths…..very enjoyable.
    You will be fine.

  6. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Keith, I know you are strong and will come through the surgery with flying colors.

    If you need something while you are laid up, feel free to reach out.

    In our prayers!

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