Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, December 6, 2017

    • I was watching an episode of the current season of ‘Mr. Robot’ and Gordon Lightfoot’s “If You Could Read My Mind” was played. It’s been eons since I heard that song and I forgot how great it is. I really appreciate it when a show finds the perfect song for a scene. You know, the ones where the rhythm or beat is just right and the lyrics relate to what’s happening.
    • Tesla Model X Car Shows Off Its Christmas Mode Easter Egg With Coordinated Music and Light Show
    • The Onion – Alabama Forced To Release Thousands Of Sex Offenders After Inmates Deny Charges
    • Plurale tantum‘ is what you call a singular object that only has a plural form, like pants or scissors.
      • Scissors is an example of a plurale tantum, or an English word that only has a plural form that represents a singular object. (Plurale tantum is not a plurale tantum: its plural is pluralia tantum). Though pluralia tantum name single objects, they are grammatically plural: “the scissors are on the table,” “my pants are in the dryer.”
    • You really just need to read the last paragraph for the answer – Is it safe to eat deli meats with that metallic sheen?
    • Cinemark launches Netflix-like subscription plan
      • Cinemark on Tuesday unveiled Movie Club, a monthly plan that lets people buy a movie ticket a month for a discounted price of $8.99. It also allows members to roll over unused tickets every month, bring friends at the lower price and offers bargains on concession stand items.
    • Skydiving Santa crashes into tree, pole before hitting Florida beachSt. Nick was carrying Elf on the Shelf
    • Bono and The Edge made their first appearance on Howard Stern’s show. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened earlier. I haven’t listened to it, but this link provides a very detailed written rundown of their conversation.  Here’s one part of the conversation I’d like to share which has a Texas connection:
      • After all doubt had been removed that his son was going to make it as a recording artist, Bono’s father agreed to come to one of U2’s concerts in Texas — it was a chance for Bono to show his dad just how much success he had achieved. Seated out in the crowd, a spotlight shone on Bono’s dad as Bono announced from the stage that this was his father’s first time in America. “He just shakes his fist,” Bono said of his dad’s reaction, explaining he was doing it in good humor. After the show, Bono said he and his dad sat alone together in his dressing room. “I thought I saw a kind of a real tender look in his eyes,” he recalled. And while he thought his father was finally going to tell him how proud he was, instead he told his son, “You’re very professional,” something Bono considers a true compliment given his father traditional Irish tepidness.
    • We all should be like this dog and simply enjoy the moment.

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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, December 6, 2017

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah, hard to forget the dulcet tones of Gordon Lightfoot. Or some of the other great musical contributions from the Great White North: Anne Murray, Shania Twain, Rush…William Shatner!
    I was thinking about Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald just the other day

  2. AndreaJN says:

    Love Gordon Lightfoot!

    Needed that pupper today, thanks!

    Also, “Disclaimer: Strong use of Australian and Irish accents” HAHAHA

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