Bag of Randomness for Friday, December 15, 2017

  • I told you yesterday that the flu was confirmed for two students in BoyGeeding’s class and they had a total of eight students out sick. The next day a total of ten students in his class were out sick. As a precautionary measure, the school nurse took the temperature of each child. BoyGeeding was just a degree high and the school called and said we could take him home, but since he displayed no other symptoms and was feeling fine we left him in. His sister, on the other hand, had to go to the doctor but it’s only a viral infection she’s fighting.
  • I watched just a few minutes of NBC’s Thursday Night Football and was surprised to see a Charlie Hough graphic. The announcers were talking about Adam Vinatieri playing at least ten years for two different teams and they transitioned that into players in other sports, which is why I saw Charlie Hough in a Texas Rangers uniform for a few seconds. Gosh, I couldn’t stand Charlie Hough as a kid because he didn’t look anything like what I thought an athlete was supposed to look like. But over time, I started to appreciate him and the knuckleball.
  • I mentioned my internal clock has been off, that I’ve been thinking I’m a day ahead. Yesterday I was really thrown off thinking I was a day behind. Last night I turned on The TICKET and “Intentional Grounding” was on. That show is typically broadcast on a Wednesday so I freaked out for a moment.
  • I thought this was a nice little summary (though not perfect) of Star War films – ‘Star Wars’ history you need to know before seeing ‘The Last Jedi’
  • Hopefully, we will find out about Tahoe – Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” has been renewed for a 10th season on HBO
  • The Dallas Morning News – Evangelical churches are embracing liturgy to make the megachurch more personal
    • I first experienced this at Irving Bible Church, nine years ago? At first, with my Baptist background, I thought it felt “too Catholic” as did many others with similar backgrounds. But once I let down my guard and opened up my mind and heart, I really started to appreciate this “older” and more formal way of worship and thought it brought more significance to the Advent season. My view of Advent went from the lighting of five candles to one of true waiting and preparation, it was a renewal of faith of sorts, and I had the liturgy to thank.
  • FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is a very unstable individual. He’s also compensating for something.
  • I love this GIF a dog owner on Reddit posted – I shoveled a track through the snow in my yard for my pup, and he immediately got a case of zoomies
  • On Porgs: In Defense of Cuteness in ‘Star Wars’
    • The feathered, emoji-like creatures of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ join Ewoks in the adorable-character canon. But with great cuteness comes great responsibility. There are some who hate saying “aww” when they see a ‘Star Wars’ movie. Will porgs make or break Rian Johnson’s installment for these barbarians?
  • “Snownado” captured on video
    • A hiker filmed a rare “snownado” while walking in Poland’s Tatra National Park on Sunday, December 10th. A snownado forms when a mass of cold air passes over a warmer surface while variable wind speeds and directions in between the two cause the rising air to spin and pick up loose snow.
  • Bono’s son is in a band and I don’t think they sound bad.
  • Don’t be the ribs that flipped over Fred Flinstone’s car.
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