I had no idea red woods floated in the ocean

More than 200ft long and 13ft around the trunk, this is one piece of wood that nobody will be throwing along the beach for the dog to fetch.The giant western red cedar was one of dozens of trees washed up at La Push, a small community in Washington State on the U.S. west coast.

Photographer Philip Lacham found himself dwarfed by the tree as he stood alongside it on the beach.The tree is thought to have been carried into the Pacific Ocean from the Olympic National Park on the north-west corner of the state near the Canadian border.

Park officials said a combination of a strong gale and high tide had brought the tree ashore. The coastline of the park, which is a million acres in size, is covered with the western red cedar.

This picture was on the Front Page of Reddit and the article is from August 2010.

Here are a couple Google Street views.

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