Bag of Randomness for Friday, November 17, 2017

  • I’ve been dragging my feet on renewing the hosting services of this website which is due to expire on Dec. 3, 2017. My heart hasn’t been into as of late and I used to make enough advertising revenue each year to almost break even. When I started this thing I didn’t have kids or other responsibilities and it was a great way to keep me entertained. In some ways, it helped me find myself. Now, it’s a bit of a burden. A lot of that was revealed to me when reading the article at the bottom of this post. Looking at the stats, I average 378 unique visitors a day, so I might still have a small audience, but in today’s world, I don’t know if those are spam bots or whatnot. In my prime, I was somewhere between 2,000 – 4,000 but can’t really remember. This blog has allowed me to broaden my perspective by being exposed to differing views and making new friends, some I have personally met from places like New York, Canada, Europe, and even Cleburn. I’ve felt this way before, and usually right when I want to call it quits something pulls me back in. For instance, yesterday someone left a comment stating he was friends with my father and served with him at Fort Wolters.
    • I as [sic] a Lt was stationed at Ft Wolters in the early 60s – one of my friends at the 864th engineers was WO Geeding.
      • The comment was made yesterday but it was placed on an old May 2016 post which didn’t reference anything about my father or Fort Wolters, so that’s a little odd.
      • I thought all my father’s friends and anyone who may have served with him were dead. Remember, Dad was born in 1923.
      • I’m reaching out to him. There’s a lot I’d like to know. Remember, Dad had me late in life, he was 52 when I was born. I only knew my father as an older man and really knew nothing about his military career, he retired in 1968, I believe. I’ve heard stories of what my father was like during that time in his life from an older cousin, but that’s family, so it’s biased. I wonder if others thought my father was nice, funny, mean, professional, and I’m sure there may be things I really don’t want to know.
  • Since I’m talking about family, I might as well confess to something and admit a lie. Well, maybe it’s not a lie, it’s just I didn’t really know the truth until now – I’m not half-Asian. I’ve scratched the genealogy itch here and there and took an DNA test. I’ve been sitting on this for about a month, and truth be told . . . I’m only 40% Asian. I’m not really the half-Asian I claimed to be. I’ve misled you, and for that, I’m sorry.
  • Bob and Dan of The TICKET did a Reddit Ask Me Anything and answered questions live on air. Two of my questions were answered, one of them actually started the segment. Even though Bob answered my second question I think Dan forgot since Bob got longwinded with his answer.
  • Ellie Kemper is one of them – A Photographer’s Old College Classmates, Back Then (2000) and Now (2017)
  • GIF – This dog’s owner is being interviewed and you can tell the dog is camera-shy.
  • How Abraham Lincoln’s Work Habits Keep Doris Kearns Goodwin On TrackThe historian and political commentator shares the productivity secrets of former U.S. presidents—plus a few of her own.
  • The Atlantic – The Ignorance of Mocking MormonismIt’s precisely the beliefs of Latter-day Saints that critics dismiss as strange which produce the behaviors those same critics often applaud.
  • Why the Nazi Party Loved Decaf CoffeeThe Third Reich pushed decaffeinated drinks as official state policy.
  • I read this Dallas Morning News article yesterday-  How Gordon Keith made peace with his grief. If you’ve lost a parent, you’ll really connect with it. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing I put the parts I connected with the most. Funny thing, I would have forgotten today is the anniversary of MomGeeding’s death if it wasn’t for this article. Damn, eleven years sure does fly by.
    • My chief enemy that keeps me from writing has always been me. And when my parents died, the sharp edges of my mind just got worn off and I became dulled. I couldn’t think and therefore I couldn’t write. That’s what depression is when it becomes a herculean effort to do anything.
    • Something you find out about grief is that one of the unintended injuries is you end up having to be the therapist for the other person’s grief. They want to help you, to feel useful to you. In return, you have to make sure you are making the consolers feel that they were helpful. And that depletes you.
    • In all my investigations, including the ones after my parents’ death, it feels like life does just boil down to the Serenity Prayer. It’s comprehensive and up in cross-stitch in everybody’s home. But if you want to know how to live a happy life, read the Serenity Prayer and learn how to be in the moment. Those two things cover it all.
    • But when you are post-parent-death, that earlier part dies too and you are born again.
    • I started letting go of things I used to feeling so attached to. Belongings began to feel like a big sack of rocks that got too heavy if I had to drag it all with me – whether physical objects or emotional ones.
    • You spend the first half of your life trying to build a Big Life and then it’s the Big Life that breaks your shoulders. So I find myself craving a simple life, which is probably not great for a career. But I just want to do something that’s meaningful.
    • But it’s amazing how much energy I will expend to avoid doing what I’m supposed to do. Whether it’s writing 800 words or disposing of a Diet Coke can. If I’d just do it, I’d feel so much better on the other side.
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12 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, November 17, 2017

  1. AndreaJN says:

    Keith, you do what's right for you. I think the bottom line is, if this isn't fun, don't do it. I enjoy checking your site a couple of times a week, and whatever you decide, I wish you and your family the best!

    Also, if you add in the 5% from Asia South, then you are 45% Asian. 🙂

  2. Ben W. says:

    I agree with AndreaJN 100%. While I would absolutely miss the blog each morning – not merely for the collection of links, but also the warm, personal nature of your posts – ultimately my wish for you is that you are happy and fulfilled with what you do. The older I get, the more I learn that everything has its season. I've seen things I love arrive, blossom, and wither away as time passes, but I'll always have the memories from those things. As Don Draper taught us, "nostalgia . . . means the pain from an old wound." It hurts to let go of things, especially if they have meant so much. But sometimes it's what we have to do.

    All of that being said, if you do decide to hang it up, know that this Daily Visitor will miss this terribly.

    And, again I agree – don't be too hard on yourself – 45% Asian is close enough for me.

  3. Michael Willoughby says:

    If you leave, I will miss the thoughts and insights you share, but if it has turned into a burden, it might be time to walk away. Life is too short and precious to waste time on something that isn't necessary if it is no longer enjoyable.

  4. Mike Honcho says:

    I agree with the posters above; if its a stress on your daily routine… consider skipping it. If it is a stress reliever, (but hard to find time to do), then consider keeping it but changing to a weekly format.

    Regardless of what you choose I'm glad to have met you on here and will keep up with you on Social Media.

    Choose You, Amigo…

  5. Mike Honcho says:

    PS – I think you can roll the South Asian up into your Asian content. And go ahead and grab that Polynesian too… that'll give you a nice 52%! 😉

  6. John Mackovic says:

    – "Polynesian" is Asian as well. The current theory is that the Polynesian people originated in Taiwan, spread south and west through the East Indies (including Vietnam) and east throughout the Pacific. As for the "South Asian", I don't think it would unusual for Vietnamese to have some of this background, it's really not that far away. So all of that adds up to 52%, which is just probably 50% if you throw out the rounding on the three components.
    – By the way, those numbers don't add up to 100%, how do they explain that?
    – So when will there be a BoN AMA?

    I don't visit the page every day, but it's always a great read and I would miss it if it's gone. I won't blame you for hanging it up, there are certainly more important things to do with your life.

    • Geeding says:

      The numbers don't add up because left out a subsection labeled "Low Confidence Regions" which are results lower than five percent.

      I tried an Ask Me Anything once, though I didn't specifically title it that. I think I only got two responses and they were of the comical nature. Maybe I'll give it another try.

      And to everyone else, thanks for adding up the DNA percentages to put my Asian-ness over 50%. I almost feel complete again.

  7. RPM says:

    Here I thought I was your unique viewer. Now I find out you have 377 others? I'm crushed.

  8. Ricardo Perry says:

    Mr. Geeding, I agree with the others and reiterate you do what is right for you. I for one will miss checking in on you and your insights. I have a strong appreciation for your views and humor as I believe I have a similar perspesctive. i hope nothing short of the best for you and your loved ones.

    BTW: what happened to the other 14%

  9. Melissa says:

    I would hate to see you go…but get why you would…I would miss you and all the geeding family! and you find such interesting things.

    you ARE half Asian…the two Asians and the Polynesian come to 52%…your in!!!!

  10. jim says:

    great points on article. thanks

  11. Alec666 says:


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