Hey CNN, use a comma every now and then

Every morning I go to CNN.com to see what major news events I may have missed overnight. When I saw this news alert this morning, I thought somehow Kellyanne Conway became president. I guess I was still groggy, but all I could focus on was the “President Kellyanne Conway” section of the alert. But hey, a comma would have helped.

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4 Responses to Hey CNN, use a comma every now and then

  1. Culture Club says:

    Comma, comma, comma, comma, comma for CNN…

  2. Ben W. says:

    Not only do they need commas for the nonrestrictive phrase, they also omitted the Oxford comma.

    Everyone needs a copy editor–preferably a good one.

    • Gabe Waggoner says:

      Reading the text on TV news tickers also is downright painful. It's as though nobody has edited the copy. Even supposedly following AP style, they don't consistently drop the serial comma—to say nothing of the comma splices, spelling errors, typos, and shoddy usage.

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