Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, October 4, 2017

  • Before going to school yesterday, BoyGeeding lost his first tooth. He asked WifeGeeding to pull it and told me bluntly told I couldn’t because I didn’t know how. Sadly, he lost his first pulled tooth before bedtime and put the note you see above under his pillow.
  • For some reason, this week feels like it’s going extremely slow for me. My father told me not to wish my time away, but this week feel like purgatory.
  • I’m surprised both our kids start doing their homework on the ride home from school.
  • During National Night Out, WifeGeeding snapped a nice picture of a rainbow.
  • One thing I’ve noticed about National Night Outs, I can always tell who’s in sales. It feels like a lot of people want to get to know me only to get my contact info to sell me insurance or something of the like, not to be neighborly. There’s just something insincere about their approach and the small talk they bring up. Some people are made for sales, I’m not one of them.
  • While watching President Trump toss paper towels into the crowd yesterday, it made me think he must shoot the basketball well. Seriously, he has a nice release and rotation with his shot, it was very fundamental. But it was somewhat funny when he was thanking several Coast Guard members who were actually members of the Air Force.
  • Last night I watched “Finding Your Roots” for the first time. It’s a PBS show that reveals the ancestry of celebrities in a personable one-on-one fashion. For a while, I had the ancestry itch and started to scratch it. This episode was focused on Larry David and Bernie Sanders. I thought it would be entertaining to see how Larry David would react to discovering his roots and it was really darn interesting.
    • David said his mother kept to herself a lot, that she was very secretive. As a ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ fan, I kept thinking of how Bea Arthur played his mother in the series. David’s mother was so secretive, it wasn’t until her death that he learned she was older than his father by three years.
    • David’s mother’s name was Rose, or so he thought. Records show it was actually Regina. It floored him, but he said it was also typical of his mother to withhold that kind of information.
    • We all know Larry David is Jewish, and he knew his family were immigrants. But he found out on his paternal side, his great or great-great grandmother was actually born in Alabama. And get this, it turns out his great or great-great grandfather fought for the Confederacy. His reaction was priceless and it played out like an episode of ‘Curb’. He started to ponder about the butterfly effect and how everything played out.
    • Finally, at the end of the episode, they talk about his DNA. Each guest on the show has their DNA scanned against all other guests who have appeared on the show to see if there is a connection. It turns out him and Bernie Sanders are actually cousins and neither had an idea despite people talking about how similar they look alike. I don’t think they are first or second cousins, but it was neat and the first time anyone two people on the show were found to be related.
  • Nobel Prize in physics awarded to 3 Americans for work on gravity waves
    • Normally when things like this are announced I have no familiarity with the winners, but I instantly recognized one of them yesterday. It made me feel just a tad bit nerdy but in a good way.  Kip Thorne was the astrophysicist who worked as an executive producer for the Christopher Nolan’s movie Interstellar.
  • Brent, if you are looking for date night ideas for you and your wife, here’s a suggestion – – ‘Reluctant Convert’ is a well-worn but worthwhile C.S. Lewis story on stage
  • IRS Awards Equifax $7.25 Million No-Bid Contract to Help ‘Verify Taxpayer Identities’
  • Yesterday, I thought I saw a hidden paid ad on for the SPCA.
  • Someone wondered about the analytics of shared readers between my blog and I’m not good with analytics, but a cursory look at my stats say about 141 visitors on average come to from his website, which makes up about 36.57% of my daily traffic.
  • A few more thoughts and tidbits from my book about the relationships amongst presidents:
    • Before running for governor, George W. Bush had a friend who gave him all sorts of historical information on what happened to sons of former presidents. Many had failed careers, became bankrupt, and succumbed to depression and addiction. That data bothered him.
    • When George W. Bush was running for office, Clinton never underestimated him and actually admired “his game”.
    • When George W. Bush won the election and was invited to the White House to meet with then-President Clinton, they totally hit it off. I mentioned before there was a bit of a grudge before, as Bush really disliked Clinton. Bush asked Clinton about a very veiled shot he took at him about Monica Lewinsky and if it hurt his feelings or below the belt, and about some of the more direct attacks on his character. Clinton said he wasn’t bothered by it and really admired how well Bush played it to his advantage. Bush also complimented Clinton on his ability to deliver a speech and asked how did he improve so much because he used to be such a bad speaker. Bush specifically referenced the 1988 Democratic Convention speech in which Clinton was booed off the stage.
  • This GIF of a gas station attendant reminds me of the “No ticket!” scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, October 4, 2017

  1. Triple Fake says:

    It would have been hilarious if Trump had done an Oprah bit there: "You get a roll! And you get a roll! You all get a roll!"
    And in his defense, the summer dress uniform for the Coast Guard is similar to the Air Force.

    I think there are times when all of us have wanted to "pull the pin" on somebody smoking at a gas pump

    "Curly smoked in here!"
    Triple Fake Dave Hastings

  2. Brent says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Keith! Alas, but the play ends this weekend and we are unable to go. You're right, though – it would have been nice. And I am a C.S. Lewis fan.

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