Bag of Randomness for Monday, October 2, 2017

  • I had two very real ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ moments this weekend, but watching the long-awaited season premiere last night was more than therapeutic. Personally, I didn’t think it missed a beat.
  • I had such a bad day yesterday I didn’t even watch the Cowboys game. But it’s important for me to keep things in perspective, I have a roof over my head and have running water and electricity so my life isn’t bad whatsoever.
  • The last episode of AMC’s ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ has really stuck with me. Spoiler alert, there was a death. But the death of what was going through the character’s mind was so beautifully done I hope mine can be so peaceful and complete.
  • I attended the school fair at our kids’ school on Friday. As you know I don’t do well in crowds and loud places. Kids were acting like kids, as they were supposed to. It was loud, as it was supposed to be. Internally I was suffering during every second of the event but put on a brave face for the kids.
  • The first week of coaching flag football was more enjoyable than the second week. I felt the kids followed through with directions better the first week. They certainly weren’t executing all three phases of the game well (that’ a bit of an inside local joke, don’t take that seriously). But hey, my goal is for them to have fun and that’s what is happening.
  • After the game, a parent was nice enough to send me this email, which had a nice note about BoyGeeding. I forgive his small if/of typo.
  • Last night was the season premiere of ‘Shark Tank’. Mark Cuban stated he obtained his MBA before earning a high school diploma, at least if I understood what he said correctly. He said he dropped out of high school at 16, got his MBA by 19, then transferred those graduate level courses back to high school so he could graduate high school.
  • A woman who lives by the local elementary school invariably complains about the school traffic during arrival and dismissal times. It boggles my mind she didn’t take into consideration the location of the school and her house when she decided to purchase it. And despite having no authority over the crossing guard, she likes to tell the crossing guard how to do her job.
  • The NFL Network’s latest ‘A Football Life’ was on John Madden. He’s still Madden and full of energy, but his voice and speech aren’t quite what it used to be. He’s one of very few men who make me happy, he’s so totally happy being himself. I also think of all the great memories I spent with him, Pat Summerall, and my father on Sunday afternoons and will cherish those times forever.
  • I thought I saw Emmit Smith drive past me on Friday. Later that night I learned he was at the local high school because his son was playing.
  • Love this – Designer Creates Brilliantly Useless Product Designs. More here.
  • @FrankLuntzIn a 1961, 61% of Americans disapproved of the Freedom Riders riding desegregated buses into the segregated South.
  • I’m repairing and replacing some wood rot around the frame of the garage. I wish I had a truck to haul some of the lengthy boards.
  • I heard ‘ABC World News Tonight’ has taken the top slot from ‘NBC Nightly News’. And here I sit dedicated to the ‘CBS Evening News’.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, October 2, 2017

  1. David Bryant says:

    Interesting analysis of Boy Geeding's tackle. I think I might recruit that parent as an assistant coach.

    As for the woman complaining about the school…that chaps me. We live near an airport and train tracks…that have been her long before our area was anything more than pastures. A few people get on the community site and complain about noise and inconvenience. I cannot tell you how many times I have typed (and deleted) a response asking them if they were actually dumb enough to think trains and planes would be silent…or were they just bad enough home buyers that they did not do their due diligence before purchasing a house.

  2. Michael Willoughby says:


    I couldn't agree more about the the death scene in "Halt and Catch Fire." It was beautiful and haunting and resonated with me. Even though it was completely unexpected, from the moment Gordon saw Donna and the screen lost some resolution and was accented with diffuse light, I knew we were seeing Gordon's death. It was handled in such a sweet and gentle manner. I watched it over multiple times.And that the lullaby that Donna was singing was the song that Gordon was trying to identify with Katie in an earlier episode was just a stroke of genius.

    I thought the first season of "Halt and Catch Fire" was predictable, pedestrian and cliche, but I am so glad I stuck with it. Each successive season has just gotten better and better and I am going to be sad to see this end.

    Additionally, if it isn't too intrusive, share the picture of Boy Gedding making his tackle. I'm sure a lot of us would enjoy seeing it.

  3. df of ll says:

    One word…..process.

    Double Fake Coach Garrett

  4. Tim says:

    I too enjoyed the return of "Curb." Though I couldn't help but notice it seemed at times to be trying too hard to be "Curb." No examples to give, but it didn't seem as natural as seasons past.

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