Bag of Randomness for Friday, October 27, 2017

  • In a recent group conversation, one of WifeGeeding’s friends asked if any local restaurants still serve chicken-fried steak and then doubted anyone who claimed any place which did.
  • WifeGeeding and I both grew up in the same state, but sometimes it feels like we are from two different worlds. I referenced the idiom “cop a feel” and she said it was the first she ever heard of it.
  • DaughterGeeding gets frustrated, maybe even upset at times, when she doesn’t score a 100 on her homework. WifeGeeding doesn’t want her to put so much pressure on herself, I like the idea she has high standards and expectations of herself.
  • I really don’t know how to accept a compliment. I think that’s because I don’t think the majority of compliments I receive are warranted or sincere.
  • I’m not rooting for the Houston Astros, but it’s pretty darn cool J.J. Watt will throw out the first pitch.
  • Funny sports bit – Brooklyn Net Trevor Booker sneaks into the Cleveland Cavaliers’ huddle
  • Another funny sports bit (video included, major facemask violation) – Marshawn Lynch practices with old high school during suspension
  • A new mirror won’t show a reflection unless you flash it a smileThe concept may seem playful, but industrial designer Berk Ilhan invented the Smile Mirror to uplift the spirits of cancer patients.
  • Political humor – A USA hat for those who don’t favor the current president.
  • Armchair Conspiracist – Trump held back the release of some of those JFK files because Ted Cruz begged him, he didn’t want evidence of his father’s friendship with Lee Harvey Oswald to be made public. Expect Cruz to support and advocate a lot of Trump’s initiatives.
  • For those folks around Fort Worth who have appreciated the Homeless Christmas Tree.
  • It’s that time of year where you’ll see NFL cheerleaders dress up in Halloween costumes.
  • In case you didn’t know the difference between the deep web and the dark web:
    • The deep web refers to anything you can’t access in a search engine, either because it’s protected behind a password or because it’s buried deep within a regular website. The dark web is a subsection of the deep web that you can only access with a special browser like Tor to mask your IP address. It includes illegal markets like the infamous Silk Road, along with plenty of other less-objectionable websites.
  • GIF – Puppy dog eyes
  • That’s a lot of work just to eat an apple – How to wash pesticides off apples, according to science
    • Holding an apple under running water for a few seconds isn’t enough to get rid of the pesticides on its skin, new research says. Your best bet is to soak your fruit in a baking soda solution — for 12 to 15 minutes. And if you’re really concerned, of course, you can always peel your apples.
  • What Boredom Does to You – The science of the wandering mind.
    • Mann devised an experiment wherein a group of participants was given the most boring assignment she could think of: copying, by hand, phone numbers from the phone book. 
    • In the next experiment, Mann ratcheted up the boring quotient. Instead of copying numbers out of the phone book for 20 minutes, this time they had to read the phone numbers out loud.
    • Elpidorou argues that boredom “acts as a regulatory state that keeps one in line with one’s projects. In the absence of boredom, one would remain trapped in unfulfilling situations and miss out on many emotionally, cognitively, and socially rewarding experiences. Boredom is both a warning that we are not doing what we want to be doing and a ‘push’ that motivates us to switch goals and projects.”
    • The article references daydreaming a lot and how and why it’s important, which certainly caught my attention.
  • How the Humble Hospital Scrub Became a $10 Billion Business
  • Creepy last words of German serial killer Peter Kürten
    • Shortly before his head was placed on the guillotine, Kürten turned to the psychiatrist and asked the question: “Tell me… after my head is chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck? That would be the pleasure to end all pleasures.” When asked whether he had any last words to say, Kürten simply smiled and replied, “No.”
  • An update on the Micromachine Man

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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, October 27, 2017

  1. AndreaJN says:

    Funny you should comment on 100% on homework. I was thinking just today how it is only as an adult I have learned to appreciate the hard work I put in, and the successes of a project, even if some minor details didn't work out. In the past I would have been unsatisfied with a whole project because I made a stupid error on it, however minor. Today I am happy and proud of the work that went right, even if it is only 80-99% of the whole thing.

  2. RPM says:

    IlovedmicromachinemanandhisworkonFedEx. Whew!

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