Bag of Randomness for Friday, October 20, 2017

  • So, where have you been all week? I had to take an unexpected business trip to Washington D.C. and forgot to pack my laptop and phone charger.
    • I loathe flying and it’s bad on the back, even worse when you take the redeye.
    • I flew Virgin America out of Love Field, even though I live a stone throw away from DFW. It felt a bit cheesy. They played dance music as we boarded and the plane has purple accent lights and purple tinted barrier windows between first and peasant class. The seats felt more comfortable than other airlines, the flight crew were okay, and the in-flight entertainment was pretty good. The airline got bought out by Alaska Airlines last year.
    • The security line at Love Field was crazy long compared to any security line I’ve been in at DFW, Austin, La Guardia, Newark, Baltimore, Dulles, Reagan, Orlando, LAX, Vegas, or San Diego.
    • It only costs six bucks a day to park at Love Field if you use their offsite shuttle option.
    • I’ll never understand why humans who will be boarding last stand up and crowd the boarding area.
    • Every time I fly it seems like they ask for volunteers to check in their luggage. This time, they stated they need at least fifteen passengers to check in their luggage. The only benefit they provided was to chance to board after priority boarding, which I found out meant after the first class, gold status, silver status, and some other status boarded first.
    • I sat next to lovely young Irish women on the way to D.C. and she was straight out of central casting with her red hair, light complexion, and dainty accent. I could listen to her speak for hours.
    • At the end of one day, I got politely stuck speaking to a former manager who is now an executive and then got looped into a long conversation with our CEO. I didn’t leave the office until nine that night, I think.  I really like the people I work under, but I always think anyone above me gives me false sincerity. You know, that business politeness where people are always in “sales” mode. Actually, I tend to think anyone I encounter gives me false sincerity, even WifeGeeding, and the kids.
    • I love driving around the D.C. area, maybe it’s the tall trees. Yeah, I’ve driven around East Texas plenty of times with their tall trees, but the trees are prettier in Virginia. But it seems like a lot of their highways have stoplights. I’m too use the concrete jungle of four to six driving lanes in one direction and overpasses of DFW.
    • I grew up without the use of GPS and relied on maps and handwritten directions. There’s no way I’d want to travel the D.C. area without GPS.
    • My rental car, a small Ford of some sort, didn’t have an inside switch to open the gas tank and had no cap for the gas tank. The flap to access the gas was of thick rubber to provide a seal.
    • It felt a bit liberating not being attached to the internet or listening to The Ticket.
  • Gordon Keith of The TICKET brought up the idea of no punting in the NFL. I like the idea, but I like the idea of giving each time just two punts per half even better. Imagine a team using both their punts early in a game and then later having to start on the one-yard-line and everyone second guessing the head coach for not saving his punts.
  • GIF – A primitive but very effective way to sort lemons by size
  • The Dallas Morning News – Why bigger is better when it comes to megachurches in southern Dallas
  • Georgia News – Woman says she could face jail time because she can’t afford husband’s cremation
  • I liked how my elementary school teachers would use a pencil to check my hair for lice.
  • GIF – I had no idea a hydraulic failure on a dump truck could be so powerful.
  • The Simpsons’s Classic Baseball Episode Gets the Mockumentary Treatment
  • Willow Creek Chooses Co-Ed Pastors to Succeed Bill HybelsMegachurch becomes biggest in America to appoint a female lead pastor.
  • A first look at 8 possible versions of President Donald Trump’s border wall
    • All of the finished prototypes, as well as the one that’s nearly completed, employ concrete as the main construction material. But the designs of some vary greatly. For example, one built by a Maryland company uses concrete at the base with the top two-thirds featuring blue metal panels. Another, built by an Alabama company, has a wide concrete base that gives way to a thinner frame halfway up the structure. Notably, only one of the completed designs incorporates see-through features that would allow Border Patrol agents to monitor activity on the other side of the border.
  • ‘Halt and Catch Fire’
    • If there’s one thing I didn’t like about this season it was Bos’ beard.
    • If there was a second thing I didn’t like about this season, I didn’t think the actress who played Donna could pull off the character’s job transition to an executive role.
    • Loved that “Phoenix” scene.
    • Series finales rarely satisfy and are lacking.  I liked this one but didn’t find it fulfilling. However, I liked how it all wrapped up, especially Joe. I’d like to watch the pilot again and compare it to the finale. I bet the finale had a lot of hat-tips to the pilot, specifically the last words spoken by Joe. And it would be nice to be reminded how much Joe’s character has changed. Oh, and he has a great voice.
    • “They’re the thing that gets you to the thing. You were the thing.”
  • A Catfishing With a Happy Ending – Emma was deceived by an older man on the internet—and then found love with the model whose photographs he had stolen
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, October 20, 2017

  1. Ben W. says:

    Hooray! The randomness we all missed!!

    Love's security line seems hit or miss for me. Sometimes it's a breeze, sometimes it looks like the line for Space Mountain on Christmas. A-list and above with Southwest has a separate security line, though, so that's helpful.

    My wife and I both drive Fords – no gas cap on either of them. It's nice not to have to fool with that, especially since it just seems like a good way to get gas on your hands.

  2. Bryan says:

    I've always flown out of Love in the morning and I've found the security lines fluctuate by time. Arriving for a 6:00am flight: little or no line. A 7:00am flight: Space Mountain on Christmas Day. Of the other airports you named, I've always found Orlando to be the worst for lines. Luckily a lot of my flights through there are for work and I often end up being flagged for TSA pre check. There's a few things I dislike about DFW, but their security lines are awesome. I've never waited through a line more than 10 deep at any time of day.

    Glad you're back on the grid. I feel like today is the first day all week that I can start off right.

    • Ben W. says:

      You nailed it about the timing on Love in the morning. And you are 100% right about Orlando – it is awful, any time, any day.

  3. RPM says:

    Glad everything is A-OK! Now for the bad news… Those were limes.

  4. mzchief says:

    Keith…Rest easy, you're a really nice guy, their sincerity is genuine.

    This is my favourite license plate… Plate

    BTW…Welcome back, I had started to worry…and we all know, I'm not a worrier.

  5. JayF says:

    Your are correct sir! Parents who have the problem kid who don't offer to help out at games with their kid, or who don't stick around at practice are the worst!!

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