Bag of Randomness for Columbus Day 2017

  • Pee-wee flag football was great on Saturday. I felt like Jim Lee Howell out there with Landry (WifeGeeding) and Lombardi (Jimi) helping. We got creamed last week but were totally dominant this last game. It’s neat seeing how some of the kids have developed and are learning and retaining things. And it’s cool seeing how some of them are coming out of their shell. But it’s still a challenge with a few of them, and it’s important those kids don’t slip through the cracks.
  • I have the day off and I’m spending the morning at a pumpkin patch.
  • SNL really hit it out of the park with their cold open. It’s interesting how it’s become part of the American disposition. And that “dating app” skit was simply great.
  • What’s up with all the annexation in Texas as of late? This year I’ve heard Weatherford, Decatur, and Lewisville attempting annexation of nearby communities. Is something going on legally with a time constraint that it’s happening so much recently, or has it happened often I just haven’t been paying attention?
  • I’ve noted how I wasn’t much of a Tom Petty fan, but since his death, I’ve started to have a higher appreciation of the man. My first memories of him and his videos disturbed me as a kid. There was “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” in which he dressed and danced with a corpse and the “Don’t Come Around Here No More” with the Alice in Wonderland theme in which he played the Mad Hatter who ate Alice when she was turned into a cake. I also had no idea Petty worked as a groundskeeper at the University of Florida, and the crowd at the game on Saturday sang “I Won’t Back Down” in unison in tribute to him. Very cool.
  • Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder battled throat cancer last year and coached on his birthday with his team playing against the Texas Longhorn, who gave him a big signed birthday card before the game.  Texas QB Sam Ehlinger, who now probably deserves the starting job, had one heck of a bulldozing run.
  • There was a lot of debate about Vice President Pence leaving the Colts game yesterday, in which Peyton Manning’s number was retired. But what got my attention in Indianapolis was David Letterman making a surprise appearance to roast Peyton Manning when his statue outside the stadium was revealed. Dave said that both Peyton and Eli have the same number of wins so far this year. Letterman will also be on Kimmel this week. Little known fact, Letterman sent Kimmel a box of his old ties after he went off the air, which I’m sure will be a topic of conversation.
  • It feels good letting go of sports team enthusiasm. I haven’t completely done so, but the Cowboys loss didn’t affect me one bit yesterday. In the past, it would have bummed me out for a day or two. Sure, it’s fun, but I started to realize I took it too seriously and in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter how a sports team does.
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  1. SomeGuy says:

    On the annexation topic, Governor Abbott has signed Senate Bill 6… which requires cities in large counties to hold a referendum vote in order to annex property. This bill takes effect on December 1st.

  2. Mike Honcho says:

    Please give us the story on that picture. Gotta be a good one!

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