Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, September 13, 2017

  • If you are annoyed at my grammar, spelling errors, and my poor writing style, I have a feeling today’s post will really annoy you since I hastily threw this together while on Ambien.
  • WifeGeeding picked the kids up from school the other day and the first words out of BoyGeeding’s mouth when he got in the car was, “Mom, I got bad news. My teacher talked to me and my girlfriend and said we can’t be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. We have to wait until high school.” I don’t know the backstory on this but I’m entertained.
  • I wonder how many men have played for every NFC East team. The only guy that easily comes to mind is Herschel Walker. And I guarantee you, as you are reading this, he’s either doing pushups or situps.
  • The evening news reported Apple has a revealed a new iPhone.  This makes me think the guy getting upset that it’s all nothing but a hidden paid advertisement. I can’t tell if he’s doing a bit or actually upset when the news reports a new product from a company. For instance, he was annoyed the local news reported Blue Bell announced a new flavor not long ago. I do think many viral videos of a product or company are produced by them one way or another and the news just falls for the trap. But when it comes to press releases the news just likes to report on something more lighthearted than another murder. But I think the ones that really ticks him off are Twitter mentions.
  • Bill Simmons has a good story about the time his cousin Sal and Jimmy Kimmel visiting Tony Romo and watching him play Madden and how it somewhat helped him prepare for broadcasting. He’s pretty good at the game as he was beating many of the top 50 Madden players in the world. Here’s a snippet:
    • Simmons: So Romo is just going to the line in Madden, seeing what the defense was, and every time audibling for 13 yards.
      Sal: Yeah, he’s like, “He’s not smart enough to cheat the safety here so I’m going to come back with this.” It was spectacular.
  • I caught ESPN’s ’30 for 30′ on the NFL strike last night:
    • All I remember from my youth was there was a strike but I had no idea why, so it was neat to actually get the details. In short, the players wanted the chance to be free agents and not be attached to one team their entire career. I also had no idea
    • The show mainly focused on the Redskins. The organization had a feeling a strike was coming and had a strategy to get the best scab players before other teams. For instance, they arranged for one player, Tony Robinson, to get released from prison on condition he turn himself in after the strike. He ended up coming into the game to quarterback the scab Redskins team against the real Cowboys after the starting quarterback was injured on Monday Night Football, and it was the last game played by the scabs.
    • The Redskins ended up winning the Super Bowl that year. Robinson watched the game from prison.
    • Watching highlights of that game brought back memories of how annoyed I’d get at seeing water spots on the Texas Stadium field.
    • That season was Tom Landry’s last winning season. I guess when you have your full squad and get beat by a team full of replacement players the writing is basically on the wall. I do faintly recall my father being annoyed at Landry for using a phone on the sidelines and not coaching. You saw this several times in this special and I have vague memories of him using a corded phone on the sidelines.
    • Another faint memory I have of my father is watching one of the Monday Night Football games with the replacement players. Most of the focus by the announcers wasn’t on the game but news on the strike. I think there was an interview during the game and the screen was showing two pictures, a smaller one of the game and a larger one with someone being interviewed. Dad was upset and started to make phone calls. I asked who he was trying to call and he told me, Frank Gifford. Thinking he was joking I said something and he angrily told me he wasn’t kidding, he wanted to watch football, not some interview. Eventually, he reached someone and I heard him say something like, “If I can’t talk to Frank Gifford then you tell him . . .”
    • Tex Schram was a major player during the strike, I had no idea.
    • No Super Bowl rings for the replacement players who were active for the four games of the season, despite secretaries, equipment managers, and other staff receiving one.
  • I saw something about the city of Weatherford trying to annex Zion Hills but the residents didn’t like the idea. I would have thought they would have liked it, but I’ll need to find more details.
  • Back in the day, I think televangelists used to use sign-language interpreters and they were placed in the corner of the screen inside an oval. I wonder if the Joel Osteens and Robert Jeffresses of the world do that. I guess closed captioning eliminates that need.
  • ‘Fight Church’ pastor charged with forcible touching
    • Paul Burress, a charismatic, in-your-face pastor who gained fame for operating a fight club in his house of worship, has been accused of forcibly touching two women.
  • Kobe Bryant wore two different numbers and both will be retired. I was surprised how close his stats were wearing both numbers.
  • I heard a great tip the other day. Update your voicemail to relay important information if you are in an emergency or disaster situation. That way, if someone can’t call you because you are conserving power or the network is down, at least they will know your status and location.
  • For those of you who have seen the movie Contact and wondered if Hitler will be the first human aliens would see, here’s your answer.
  • The GOP’s Twitter account likes the new Trump Presidential Coin.
  • I saw part of a documentary about the world’s first geosynchronous communication satellites, the kind which spins on an axis. The idea to keep it in orbit came about from watching a football game and observing how a spiral is thrown.
    • To keep the satellite in orbit, Rosen was inspired by the way a football travels in a straight path when spun, and thus Syncom was stabilized by its own spin, which allowed it to dispense with a bulky three-axis stabilization system.
  • While looking for additional Cal Ripken stats I found this this factoidKiller whales (Orcinus orca) are the moose’s only known marine predator as they have been known to prey on moose swimming between islands out of North America’s Northwest Coast
  • The SMU coach is wearing 1984 clothing and sporting a “Make SMU Great Again” hat.

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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, September 13, 2017

  1. Rob says:

    FYI, Herschel never played for the Redskins.

  2. RPM says:

    If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest watching "The Replacements".

  3. Bryan says:

    "The Replacements" is an awful movie. Any movie that features a dance montage in jail with a group of men set to I Will Survive deserves to be stricken from the record.

    Not to dump on your Ambien influenced post too bad, but the Cowboys were 7-8 that year. That was Landry's second straight losing season after the run of winning seasons. I remember the strike well and I'm looking forward to watching the 30-for-30. Kevin Sweeney was the rookie QB that started during the strike and Danny White was eventually benched that year for Steve Peulleur. That was a dark period of Cowboys football.

    Chad Morris seems like a really good dude. I hope he does well at SMU.

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