Bag of Randomness for Monday, September 11, 2017

    • Buzz Aldrin was at the Cowboys game. He had to file an expense report for his trip to the moon. You can see the report here. He requested reimbursement for $33.31 in travel expenses.
    • Cute picture of Cowboys fan and a Giants fan spending their second day of marriage at the game.
    • $500 in the year 1925 is worth about $7,000 in 2017 – @darrenrovell The Maras bought the Giants for $500 in 1925. They sold 50% for $70 million in 1991. The other half they still own is worth $1.5 Billion.
    • I dogged Terrance Williams a lot last year because he seemed inept in the two-minute drill, but last night he showed vast improvement and I gotta praise him. Before the half, he caught the ball twice and was tackled inbounds, but he made sure to get up quickly and make sure the ref got the ball right away.
    • The Steve Bannon interview on ’60 Minutes’ was intriguing. The only thing I want to point out is how much he gnawed or ground his teeth in this short clip.

    • It never occurred to me, but my kids have never climbed trees like I did in my childhood. I guess I had trees with shorter trunks and easier to climb. DaughterGeeding really wanted to give it a try and I was totally cool with it. But DaughterGeeding being the ever cautious one, decided she would only do so if she had her bicycle helmet on, which made it a little comical because it has a unicorn horn on it.
    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If Baylor wants their football program to be taken seriously they need to schedule more legitimate teams than Liberty and UT-San Antonio. Look at what Oklahoma did by scheduling The Ohio State University and making that blanket statement of a win.
    • Tony Romo thoughts
      • He was great, especially for this being his first game and not even doing a pre-season broadcast. I thought he started off just a tad bit wonky. It seemed like he was nervous, that his mouth was dry, and he was speaking a bit too fast and relying on a few crutches like “you know.” However, after a handful of plays, he seemed pretty at ease. He may need to move the mic closer to his mouth as his voice seemed a bit soft at times. Also, you could tell there were times where he wanted to expand on a thought but couldn’t due to the next play, so he’ll have to work in speaking in sentences and not paragraphs.
      • I liked how he was able to call out blitzes, diagnosing plays pre-snap, and predict which way the ball was going to run before the snap. For instance, he said this and it actually happened, “I’ve got $5 this is a run to the left.”
      • Dan McDowell of The TICKET will often complain that commentators don’t tell us anything we don’t already know. Phil Simms was horrible at this, he spoke to the viewer as if they were twelve years-old. Romo passed that test quite well.
      • He didn’t reference the Cowboys one time, even with a bit of prodding from Nance a time or two. Of course, he spoke of his experience as a player, but he never referenced the franchise.
      • He has a little Madden in him, he said, “Boom!” a handful of times. It didn’t mother me at all.
      • Jim Nance sounded refreshed working with Romo. I’ll go as far to say he sounded relieved not to have to work Simms anymore. A lot of folks may be patting Romo on the back, but a large amount of credit needs to go to Nance for getting him reading and going through taped practice games.
      • Simms is better suited for the studio and it showed yesterday. It plays to his strengths better than the booth.
      • A bit of awkwardness when Simms and Romo spoke to each other on ‘The NFL Today’. I thought it was some good light-heartedness.
      • @ErikCAnderson – Tony Romo solid on analysis so far, BUT CAN HE LEAD CBS IN THE PLAYOFFS?
    • JJ Watt’s 99-year-old great-grandmother rocking his jersey at church
    • Every week for nearly 40 years, 89-year-old Rita Warren, a lifelong religious activist and retired factory worker, has brought her six-foot-tall Christ mannequin to the US Capitol. We tagged along.
    • The Abilene area doing what they can to help those affected by Harvey
      • A Big Country hog hunt held to benefit the victims and volunteers affected by Hurricane Harvey ended with over 1,200 pounds of cooked wild game! 
    • Excerpt – Letter by Alexander Hamilton on the hurricane of August 1772
      • “A great part of the buildings throughout the Island are leveled to the ground—almost all the rest very much shattered—several persons killed and numbers utterly ruined—whole families running about the streets unknowing where to find a place of shelter—the sick exposed to the keenness of water and air—without a bed to lie upon—or a dry covering to their bodies—our harbour is entirely bare. In a word, misery in all its most hideous shapes spread over the whole face of the country.— A strong smell of gunpowder added somewhat to the terrors of the night; and it was observed that the rain was surprisingly salt. Indeed, the water is so brackish and full of sulphur that there is hardly any drinking it.”
    • AI learns to re-create Super Mario Bros. by watching someone else play itNot learning to play Mario — but learning how Mario plays
    • I wonder if anyone in Florida sells a “hurricane experience” where people can ride out a hurricane in some sort of cement bunker with reinforced windows.
    • An important message from a dentist in Florida.
    • Be sure to scroll all the way down to catch all the videos below.
    • I agree:

      • I found this impressive.

      • This video of a meteorologist facing Irma’s winds was all over the place yesterday. He’s lucky he didn’t get hit by any debris.


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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, September 11, 2017

  1. Alec666 says:

    All this hyperbole about hurricanes with eventually lead to serious loss of life (a la Katrina). People will eventually stop listening to the sky is falling news cycles to the point when something serious and lethal will be met with a rolling of the eyes.
    That guy brought facts, which it looks like it scared the reporter.

  2. Ben W. says:

    Universal Studios in Orlando used to have a walk-through ride based on the movie Twister where you would "experience" a simulated tornado using special effects. I thought it was pretty cool, but I'm nerdy. The best part was that Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt supposedly hated each other so much that the only way they would agree to appear "together" in the attraction's explanation/safety videos was to film them separately. It was enormously awkward, and they both put in a performance that was less than stellar.

    Anyway, it's now been replaced by a Jimmy Fallon 3D ride, so I guess that's progress?

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